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The feline sex of middle-level management and dog sex
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The feline sex of middle-level management and dog sex

Improve the grow in quantity with recreational time with each passing day as what people lives, raised pet to had become a scenery line of city life. And in human pet familial in, cat and dog are the mankind's best friend all the time. The life characteristics with cat and respective dog, and the photograph prescription form with the person is disparate. I am opposite through comparing theirs and observation thinks, thought of the administrator of our enterprise suddenly however, go up personally in our numerous middle-level management, also sending out thick feline flavour or dog flavour.

Perhaps, somebody is met agitatedly! Mix cat of our assimilate to unexpectedly dog? ! Did not concern, this is a kind of analogy only, the purpose is analytic cat and dog while, look can give us some of what kind of inspiration.

Cat and dog have on the historical hostility condition of chiliad, the cruelty that because resource is put by force of opposite in long-term and developmental process,basically undertake contending for and causes competes. the difference because of their feature, caused each other the condition of a long-term hostility. That sees them after all have some of what feature in light of us.

Cat, independent character is very strong, she always won't rely on host. Compare with dog photograph, the cat appears a little capricious, our bank I all alone. The cat is the animal that likes separate operation, unlike dog is same, comply with master command, collective acts. Consequently it does not regard host as monarch, at sb's beck and call. Occasionally, how do you call it, it should not hear. Cat and host are not relation of principal and subordinate, regard them as equal friend concern is betterer. Also be this kind of relation, just appear alone attractive.

Next, the cat is shooter, target feeling and working capability are strong, the mice with one action that need not show her to be able to make in the future annihilates. Extend adequately, even if of a pair of pure ferocious hunt pose is the cat with celiac full batten on money entrusted to one's care in the impulse that sees the mouse that using, cicada, locust can not restrain the assault before going up. And it is capture not only it is OK to arrive, to the insect of on one's deathbed, the skill that it still uses leave sb at large in order to apprehend him afterwards two. Perhaps because such, there just is a place before host jauntily, show a pair of cruel kind that you also want to respect me to come.
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