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[Graph article] psychological expert " ferocious " psychology is to look for those who be less than the job

Psychological expert: "Ferocious " psychology is to cannot find the job
Yunnan psychology learns new introducing to seek advice from Zhu Yi of vice director of psychological major council, the key of undergraduate obtain employment is to should adjust good intention condition, cannot have " I read an university, be about to have the job; Have the job, be about to win high pay pay; If the society does not satisfy the requirement that I work, I do not have a meal to eat, have to go doing bad thing " this kind onefold, " ferocious " logistic thinking means, should static next hearts will think he apply for a job well unsuccessful reason.

Zhu Yi says newly, applying for a job actually is problem of a state of mind completely. Bear with respect to the psychology of Everyman ability analysis, encountering the expression that difficulty and setback place expression come out is very flurried. For instance weeks of small present state of mind, the real problem that is placed before is, money gave out, did not find the job, have a meal without the place, still bearing heavy debt load. He is worn urgently seek a job, value very much to any invite applications for a job so, condition nature became " I am an undergraduate, I need this work very much, you have post to give me rapidly " .

But, unit of choose and employ persons values most, it is whether this individual that recruit has group mind, whether can sacrifice in the moment of truth a few individual interests, whether can achieve to the unit close, whether can use ground of this platform utmost to develop special skill to seek an increase for the unit, whether to have active up hopeful life and working manner. "If a person is right,oneself life and family are paid no attention to, so how can have he done the work? So how can have he done the work??

"When applying for a job, want to be able to promote oneself only, make invite applications for a job square feel this individual has actual strength really, the first impression that gives a person is better, district discrimination should be nonexistent. " Zhu Yi says newly, cannot meet to trust between person and person, accredit is the precious affection that wins in long-term contact. To wet behind the ears undergraduate, should seek a lesson from inside the setback as far as possible. If has the word that district discriminates against truly, it is clear is connected not just, each places have a few to had done the person of evildoing, if regard this reason as,retaliate social idea, can add suspense to oneself only so, show urgent, be enraged again and ferocious condition.
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