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Rescue oneself from inside pressure 10 action
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Rescue oneself from inside pressure 10 action

You feel be about to be forced mad, come from the job, of the family pressure makes you suffocative come, so in pressure menace arrives before your health, think way, rescue oneself!

1. Worry about a thing only. Feminine angst often exceeds a man. The researcher of haing Buddha university had the research of 6 weeks to 166 married couples, because female people loves land of square field surface to consider an issue more,discovered, so female people compares a man more often feel pressure. She can consider her job, weight, the health that still has every family member is waited a moment.

2. Concentrate energy a few minutes everyday. For instance present job has made this report namely, other its entirely are cast after the head, do not go wanting. In working clearance, you also can spend time of on 20 minutes to be loosened, it is the job that take a walk and takes no account of you merely, mere and dedicated at everything all round you, what do you see for instance, what to hear, what to feel, smell what odour is waited a moment.

3. Speak or draw up come your anxious. Write down a diary, or talk together with the friend, at least you won't feel alone and helpless. Medical expert of the United States once undertook to a few people that have rheumatism sex arthritis or asthma in group, lineup records the business that they did everyday with the means of perform one's duty in a perfunctory manner. Another one group is asked to keep a diary seriously everyday, include their fear and ache. Result researcher discovers: Hind a group person is very few feel because of oneself disease anxious with angst.

4. No matter you have much business, must forging. After researcher discovers what step bicycle in what pass 30 minutes to take exercise, the pressure level of the person that be checked fell 25% . Go up gym, go quickly 30 minutes, perhaps undertake when get up a few extend practice going.

5. Enjoy massage fun. Just do not massage traditionally all over, still include thenar massage, manicure or hairdressing, these spirit that can let you come down flabbily.
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