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The psychology of success poineering home is special
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The psychology of success poineering home is special

The United States gets the research that successful poineering home place does to 75, baconian piece " the psychological feature of entrepreneur " . It becomes the maxim of the person that do poineering work.

Self-confident -- they have very strong self-confident heart generally, have the feeling of some of aggressive sometimes.

Urgent sense -- the positive result that poineering home thinks agog to see a thing very much normally, because this is met,bring a lot of pressure to others. They are devotional " time is money " , do not like to also won't waste valuable time on dull and trivial issue.

Extensive knowledge -- almost important matter bagatelle is omniscient, they can master the cause and effect of its overall already, can be perceptive of the slightest.

Hardheaded -- do a fact to be in, won't careless to make oneself a bit more comfortable be engaged in.

Preterhuman ability -- they can from desultorily in the thing, arrange a logistic structural frame, occasionally they are done decision-making when the meeting is full by the feeling.

Great ideal -- to attain individual ideal, they won't dispute undeserved reputation; They live simple deal with concrete matters relating to work, often hold several duty concurrently personally when necessary.

Objective human relation manner -- they for the career often be " marble " , " ignore outer part " . Give a person with " impartial " , " consider sth as it stands " feeling.

The mood is stable -- they normally not light up with pleasure, also complain before the person rarely, croak; When encountering difficulty, they always are firm and indomitable the breakthrough is difficult

Challenge -- like to assume a risk, but not be to take a risk blindly. They are happy to accept a challenge, and from overcome boundless fun is obtained on difficulty.
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