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Smile, make management more relaxed
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Smile, make management more relaxed

As controller, the investment that people can consider how make employee more active through drive from beginning to end goes in the job; And as employee, everybody also is hoping how can will insipid the job becomes relaxed and happy. In such one appears in the relation that each other is contradiction, whether someone can consider to have these two kinds of demand satisfaction at the same time? Although considered, also can think this will be a complex and arduous project. And in fact, have a kind of method, a kind of very simple method, OK and relaxed will both solve effectively, that is---Smile. Imagine very hard, if this world is met without mirth be how a kind of picture; Imagine very hard, riant blackart can bring such surprise effect unexpectedly in management.

Have a such classic case, daniel of the United States' famous entrepreneur Jim • is recumbent a piece " smiling face " magical kind the ground saved the company that is close to going bankrupt. And, daniel is returned " a piece of smiling face " the mark that serves as a company, imprint on the factory badge of the company, letter paper, envelope went up the smiling face of a buoyant. He always is with " smile " gallop at each workshops, the command of executive company, have oneself government. Result, employee people be affected by him gradually, the company falls in the circumstance that did not increase investment almost, manufacturing benefit rose 80% . Company staff friendly affection is harmonious, fluctuation be of one heart and one mind, be in harmony of its Le Rong, the credit of the company and figure soar, the client is filled with the door, business flourishing, be less than 5 years, the company paid off all debt not only, and gain is rich and generous.


Visible, "The smile can allow leader and employee between communicate more easily, in the brain that can make company image imprints deeplier in the client, can bring the results that expect is less than for the enterprise. " look from controller angle, the enterprise carries out riant management, can behave the baronial bearing of controller, when occurrence contradiction, the smile can make both sides restores reason,

Change arms to be jade objects and silk fabrics; Riant management also is praise and the important way that urge employee, when employee innovation gives good outstanding achievement, the smile of controller represented affirmation and praise, employee can be invigorated from inside the smile, gain strength, and coruscate gives taller working enthusiasm. Look from employee angle, when when controller timely carry manages with the smile, a piece of smiling face that be radiant with happiness can eliminate the insecurity of employee and antagonism mood secondhand, maintain a kind of relaxed mood to have the job, do start armed struggle will also be met enthusiasm is dye-in-the-wood, efficiency is taller.
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