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Pull a face to sell a bowl of 1000 dollars
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Pull a face to sell a bowl of 1000 dollars

He calls Feng Sanfeng, this year 36 years old, it is Henan county of the city that save anxiety closes a garrison post an everyday the university entrance exam loses out unripe. After the university entrance exam loses out, his flounder works in Henan, Shandong and Anhui and other places, because do not have professional skill, a few years past, accomplish nothing.

At this moment, somebody mocks him: "Be born with life of a poor, want to do wealthy person 10 thousand cannot. " but he did not lose heart, come to Hefei however school of a chef learns craft. With learn white case photograph to compare, learn red case to more opportunities take high pay, but the opportunity that he waited for for many times, also do not have the name of red case on the newspaper. Have to, he was obliged to choose white case.

At this moment, somebody mocks him: "Become with respect to mathematics come down, just also be a master of steamed stuffed bun, what great promise can you still have? " his heart thinks, after all, technology having the door always coolies than selling ambitious, then, insist to learned to rise to make cooked wheaten food with a master. He learns seriously, come down one year, played the dough in the hand high degree of professional proficiency unexpectedly: Can roll of both hands do several jobs in the same time skin of 12 pieces of dumpling, need not expend just little effort to make one table comprehensive banquet, more peculiar is, can pull a face to be pulled cross in a pinprick 15 reach 20.

Later, he with skill noodle craft, flounder a few cities work, because had a craft, than previously, his economic atmosphere had definite improvement.

One day, company of a construction outside be stationed in comes Hefei invite applications for a job two noodle master, yearly salary 60 thousand yuan, workplace is the building branch that is set in United Arab Emirates to this company, the heart was eaten after he hears of, hurry to signed up, the heart thinks abroad can have larger development space probably.

With excellent noodle craft, he by pitch on, the 2nd big city that comes to A couplet chief of a tribe enlighten do obeisance to. Can make flat bread only in local enlighten do obeisance to city, he is changing method is making cooked wheaten food, let those Chinese employee cheer caper, more let personnel of technology of chief of a tribe of couplet of a few A be profuse in praise. Time of short a few months, his noodle, steamed twisted roll, dumpling, give this flourishing city infuse a fresh energy.
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