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The danger signal of professional female health
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The danger signal of professional female health

Because more and more profession females ignored ego health protection at the career, although the body issues a warning signal is undeserved also return a responsibility, appear thereby all sorts of diseases, bring about the life, career to be differred the influence of degree. Able-bodied body is had to make backup force in meaning the competition with on-the-job intense field, with respect to the alarm signal that must learn to discover the body is given out, according to the circumstance timely seek medical advice.

Female of modern office field overcomes periodic exhaustion

Chronic fatigue is asked for integratedly

Thing of lack of power, what also does not miss ache of if the sense is weak, extraordinary recently slack, muscle, limb do, and this kind of symptom is without alleviative evidence continuously all the time, or outside going out, loosen rest several days such still, below this kind of circumstance, should consider to whether suffer from chronic fatigue to be asked for integratedly, one of this kind of common disease that be being asked for integratedly is 45 years old of the following profession females. Often think to just be caused as a result of the cold at professional female of the job or it is periodic fatigue feeling, actually this is caused, if be not caused,take seriously, can cause serious consequence. Accordingly, once discover oneself symptom as above, should consult a doctor to the hospital instantly, undertake psychotherapy according to the doctor's proposal or medication.

The function that affects metabolization ebbs

This is the body alarm signal that a kind of human body is aware of not easily. The process that thyroid function ebbs is very slow, decline of function of meeting general thyroid gland considers as most profession female overwork, pressure too big or what the reason such as age growth causes is common problem. Once the disease breaks out, thyroid gland cannot produce enough thyroid gland quite hormonal, with respect to the metabolization function that can control human body, serious meeting affects heart and brain. Professional female ought to notice whether her skin becomes coarse inside period of time, the body begins get fat, and be in easily overmuch, fingernail does not fold blood of classics of cold of morning and evening, physiology period easily to be broken oneself, drop a hair to wait. If as above, the major that suggests to accept a doctor to the hospital as soon as possible detects as directive as cure.
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