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Duty field informal discussion: The 5 psychology state that growing beard experi
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Duty field informal discussion: The 5 psychology state that growing beard experiences

My friend Liu becomes the boss that now is one wife and children of Guangzhou executive company, about 20 people control employee, do not calculate on what is accomplished greatly. But compare great majority person for, this still is worth while of envy -- graduate 4 years, a lot of people in us are in be a house head pay desperately, open a firm, when the boss still

It is a dream that does not know to want how to long just can come true.

2002, liu learns next Guangzhou austral undergraduate course graduation into news, with us graduate of a lot of colleges was on the road of free to apply for a job euqally. 4 years ago, our start is same. After 4 years, there is effect at the beginning of Liu Cheng's career, and we are working hard as before. What reason caused such difference? To me character, listen to Liu Cheng to tell say a result, far have fun at more than staying in the home to see those so called successes learn to want.

Liu Cheng is very enthusiastic person, to my request, liu becomes confide in sb, consider the place in the heart, growing earning reveal everything. Because the topic is mixed at will a bit between us,disperse, I produce my a bit specialty as adman, its experience summary is 5 ad saying, take commensurate home to be shared together, discuss.

The first phase: Get right on the job enters tomorrow

It is accurate to the essence of real life condition description,

It is effort of straight face reality the vivid portraiture of enterprising,

It is the attitude that can not lose enthusiasm again calmly from what the person moves in the heart,

It is contemporary Chinese's sagacious, firm disposition.

-- bring from: 5 leaves god about " get right on the job enters tomorrow " explanation
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