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Duty field woman is careful crisis of 3 kinds of psychology
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[Group plan] duty field woman is careful crisis of 3 kinds of psychology

"High-quality goods woman " it is to point to the professional woman that has tall record of formal schooling, good-paying, high position. Psychologist people discovery, everybody these duty field in the eye " high-quality goods woman " , had begun to appear more and more psychology crises, among them most typical is " the job depends on disease " , " force disease " and " affection is kept apart " .

·The crisis one: The job depends on disease

What is " does the job depend on disease " ? Because permanent worker is made,quell nervousness of muscularity, spirit namely, cause leave working environment to feel incommensurate. Resemble small beautiful, the job had become the exclusive center in her life now. Want phone bell to ring only everyday, her body can react instinctively immediately, grabbing most carry a telephone transmitter first, none exceptional also in the home; Treat work in the same placing the job is excellent, in him heart secretly anxious want to be caught up with as soon as possible; Good touching last playday not easily also is to be in the home to arrange client data, when going out to play with the friend absent-minded also, this belongs to a model " the job depends on disease " . When they are working only normally, just can feel oneself.

·The crisis 2: Force disease

Zhao Jing of 32 years old has accomplished tall canal in a foreign enterprise, she is quite tall to her asking, be bordering on slashing. , discovery of the ability after she sends a document has a wrongly written or mispronounced characters among them. For this, she full sleeping and eating of a week is installed hard, want to feel all over uneasy. Zhao Jing's problem is belonged to " force disease " . Themselves stripped the right that oneself err, cannot accept the mistake in the job.

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