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The expert says Shanghai is raided alarm psychology of case department extreme c
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On July 1 in the morning, the insanity that performed resounding whole nation on Shanghai one act: 2After Yang Jia of 8 years old holds knife disclose to hurt a gate to ensure public security, enter building of politics and law of area of Shanghai brake north many floor insanity is raided alarm, send 6 policemans misfortune to sacrifice, additionally 3 policemans and a security personnel get hurt.

People is while exclaim crime suspect is mad, to its psychology can'ts help wanting dug, why should he commit murder wildly? What kind of hostility is there in his heart? Why does age want go to extremes gently?

The force that extreme psychology causes commits a crime

"From the point of the report of each respect, the violent crime case that the extreme psychology that this is a model causes " , guangdong saves Xu Mingzhi of assistant director of mental sanitation institute to say, look in recent years the news of each district, violent crime happens ceaselessly, and have the malign case with many severe property, have Ma Jiajue murder far, nearly female undergraduate employs homicide lover to distribute cadaver record, it is teenage place is, and of the extreme psychology of the beautiful of prime culprit poplar of this case form, the experience of the teenage period that also follows him is concerned. Make analysis of advisable assistant director, besides problem of pathology sex drive, normally cause of formation of teenage violent crime is complex, from the point of the angle of guilty psychology, basically have the reason of the following respect:

Above all, teenage period is in life to mature from babyish trend " psychology ablactations period " , no matter work to still consider an issue, easier impulse. What adolescent commits a crime to do not have beforehand commonly is mature and brew a process, without plot beforehand, often want to be stimulated by some kind only, temporarily actuation, produce evil idea possibly instantly, commit a crime suddenly, not plan sequential.

Next, going against the psychology that turn over and loves to flaunt one's superiority often also is an element that causes tragedy. Although adolescent is completely not mature, but the independence on same yearning character and free-standing, can win equal right and respect, do not wish by excessive manacle, this kind of psychology is met sometimes along with the growth of the age more and more intense, get when them after bad behavior is revulsive, once be irritated, light an allergy antagonism, give again retaliation. And flaunt his superiority as a result of the youth emulative, in undertaking illegal guilty activity process, often contain the unbridled sex of very old rate.   

   Silenter erupt force is more powerful

Bright memory says the father poplar that accepting the Yang Jia when media is interviewed, son as a child disposition is dissocial, do not like to chat with the person, the hobby of only is to read a book. After parents leaves other, two meetings have father and son occasionally brief talk, but indrawn son says one's innermost thoughts and feelings with him rarely.
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