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Socialization is scared: Rank tertiary psychology disease
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Take seriously more and more in people healthy while, a kind of psychology disease that the name is scared disease is spreading stealthily in the crowd, from just reached go to school of the age young child the successful public figure that has to the career, of a cycle of sixty years year the old person is possible " in action " . Among them, gregarious and scared disease has been become after ranking melancholia and excessive drinking, the world ranks tertiary psychology disease. The pressure that faces because of modern is greater and greater, the number that meet with has has the tendency that grow in intensity. According to foreign report, the sicken rate in general population is 77 ‰ , our country each district investigates the average that sicken leads to be 2 ‰ left and right sides.

Ineffable and scared:

The secret in successful personage heart

This year the sectional manager that Wang Mou of 30 years old is enterprise of one foreign capital, outer person looks his age gently the career has, be the period of at the height of power and splendour in lifetime, but he has however unbeknown " secret " , "Every time outer dinner party has a meal, be afraid that others drips blood to my meal, when smoking, be afraid that others drips blood to cigarette holder, when taking a car, be afraid of be plunged into AIDS needle, go with friends bar drinks, I always am staring at a cup to drink, everybody is very happy, I am afraid of the cup that drinks others however, was infected ill, go going up dare the toilet always feel doorknob hand? Is fuming always still afraid others above AIDS of the what on lane is poisonous? Anthology " Wang Mou states this kind of ineffable fear lets him live in Jing dread all the day almost, sleeping and eating is installed hard, dare not tell others again, be afraid that others feels to have a problem from personal psychology.

Psychological doctor tells a reporter, wang Mou's symptom is display of typical AIDS dread disease. Common of AIDS dread disease says to fear moxa disease, it is a kind of intense fear to AIDS, accompany angst, depressed, force, the psychogenic disorder with a variety of psychology symptoms such as suspicion and unusual action.

The female is easier " scared "

Common scared disease has 3 kinds big: Square dread disease, gregarious and scared disease and pure and scared disease. Some closer year come, the patient of scared disease is like socialization to increase somewhat. The patient fears to be noticed in communal circumstance, speak in public especially, write in public, dining room have dinner and use comfort station when, dripping wet of metropolis mood insecurity, flustered be discouraged, kubla khah, it is beyond the mark that generation is known perfectly well one kind however uncontrollable scared feeling, this kind of patient constant because of fear or be to not be willing to contact stranger, or it is to be afraid of be affixed " invigorative disease " a mark and do not be willing go to a doctor, this formed vicious circle.
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