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The expert on Shanghai raises disease of psychology of spring of action preventi
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Spring is the tall hair season of psychological disease, annual 3 - the in part that the incidence of a disease May approachs annual. Shanghai is entered this year spring time is earlier than in former years, impose the fine when the rain when early spring, air temperature change is big, at the same time of time of Spring Festival work and rest unreasonable the harm that causes to body and mind begins to show hill dew gradually after go to work. Recently, advisory orgnaization of the psychology on Shanghai is received continuously and seasonal and relevant psychology appeals, mental disease comes on the height already appeared at present.

Reporter investigation

Half moon examines patient of hundreds spirit disease

An expert discloses Shanghai psychology referral center, very few experience spends so busy early spring in Feburary. Quantity of day outpatient service reachs 449 people, diagnose patient has apparent increase than in former years. Besides following the have a recurrence of an old illness with similar in former years, new hair patient waits with depressed disease, angst disease, mania give priority to. In Shanghai each hospital also appears make an appointment the state that grow in quantity, doctor works overtime often.

The reporter learns from psychological hot line for help, the advisory number that had about psychological disease January is returned with about the same last year, feburary suddenly violent wind rises, affair of the love between bagatelle of trivial matters of a few families, office, husband and wife became psychological disease to suffer from fulminant fuse it seems that. Especially as each school term begins in succession, the mood obstacle that middle and primary school gives birth to in study to encounter and body and mind are vexed gradually much, they are mixed office a group of things with common features beat heart door together.

Example 1: Work overtime after the section bring about chronic fatigue

Company management layer Mr Yin always feels the bosom has a headache frowzily recently, what to eat to feel lose one's appetite, in the evening now and then return meeting insomnia, the rain when the fine when disposition. The accused after he goes to office of psychological advisory division appealing knows, oneself got chronic and fatigue disease, not only with spring change of sunshine time, air temperature is concerned greatly, and and cannot get at the dinner party during the Spring Festival rest have affinity. Doctor of brave of Xu of Shanghai psychology referral center expresses, the commandment of human body needs one Zhang Yichi talent favorable movement, dan Yinxian lays the issue of busy the end of the year year ago, passed year busy plan of a new year, the holiday among still is couldn't get loosen, the result became " a year tired in Yu Chun " .

Expert proposal: Doctor Xu expresses, the more busy person needs to learn to make his effective loosen more, ability throws the life afresh with full spirit. Resting actually is the basiccest need of the body and heart. Additional, do not place a hope off will adjust position, best adjustment is to be in at ordinary times in the life.
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