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" mad, cruel bad and injury Bei " solve difficulty woman to contract mental dise
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Every times has judgement a person whether " insane " standard, what Dan Ji blames is, the woman is thought to accord with these standards more easily in every times. So, can say, does the woman suffer from more easily on mental disease?
The psychological disease of modern is paid close attention to all the time. English world published a few days ago the name is " mad, cruel bad and injury Bei: 1800 years up to now the history of female and mental doctor " book, basically discuss the past the to female psychology research circumstance in two centuries. This book author beautiful Sha Apinienaxi ask a question: Ji of Jian of a key to do sth of emperor of  twinkling ⒉ come on Song  Yun compares fade of  of warm up of  of  of bad where eggplant to owe ┝ of M Chi ⒈ to imprint  of  of Zheng of  of Ju of Na Yue of ⑸ suck  cuts sunlight of A of collect pay cook a meal into parts antrum of  of cutting of the feet of raw meat or fish of four of Yi Qianya 
Apinienaxi reviewed the case 200 years ago, at that time, the woman is considered as invigorative deformity generally by the doctor. After a century, fuluoyide therapeutics is gone to by wide application on medicine, more female patients got about field of state of environment of childhood experience, family, sexual life all-around analysis. Apinienaxi is in this book, go to all sorts of interesting case and psychological, psycho phylogeny union one case, psycho history the important egghead that go up Fuluoyide, pull Kang Hemei if lotus · dream shows Marie,the famous person that Ke Laien of orchid Ni · involves in phase stars union is together, write to those psychosis again abnormal well-known writer if Virginia Woolf, Pulusite, . Her one by one analyses a case, try to do away with us like Fuluoyide the bias about insane disease.
According to the author's treatise, all sorts of affection of the person if greedy, grief is detest, jealousy, longing, likely let one individual insanity. And these affection, we who had not experienced?
Treat of relapses in the book those make a person feel an a Gordian knot most. Why does the woman always suffer from more easily than the man it seems that on mental disease? Stem from certain and congenital element? Does or follow a few " female problem " bear children to be concerned with the turn of life for example? Is or we come hundreds of years the look upon, means be caused by that serves a woman? Why to talk it is better to the man that is therapeutics compared to feminine effect it seems that? The author's careful to these giving solution. Viewpoint of her a center is, mental disease is concerned with sexual distinction admittedly, but the statistical number of authentic makes clear, impoverished ability is its mainest reason: Gather up Huan Xie of  of Xia Qisong Guo of ダ of graceful  making fun of  believes  of fierce skirt of  of  of capture of show off of food container  border of  of Suo of Huo of    cuts ㄖ of pool of ┟ brandish discharge to make pray Ge smooth with a rake to mail green Piao  to cast  graceful excuse me! ?
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