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The jealousy since disaster -- Nanjing is especially big the psychology of the c
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Classics Jiangsu omits sanction of senior people court, chen Zhengping of the especially big criminal that send poison was in Nanjing soup hill on October 14, 2007 Nanjing city is executed.
Chen Zhengping coulds there be in Nanjing city river town of area soup hill is managed " chrysanthemum is red " during inn of cooked wheaten food, press down for bagatelle and soup hill " fierce " Chen Zongwu of owner of store of cooked wheaten food produces contradiction. Chen Zhengping sees business of store of Chen Zongwu cooked wheaten food is thriving, have resentment then, the intent makes reprisals. Late on September 13, 2002 11 when make, chen Zhengping comes " fierce " inn of cooked wheaten food, medicine of will virulent rat " poisonous rat is strong " put this inn food on raw material inside, because edible is poisonous,cause 300 much people food and toxic, among them 42 people die.
Why should Chen Zhengping send poison person? Compare oneself because of business of person of the same trade only strong, consequently in the heart extremely lopsided, burn in fire of be jealous of. A kind of what kind of psychology is jealousy after all? Psychologist thinks jealousy is a kind of complex mentation, it is flaw of a kind of character, insalubrious psychology behavior. Be like,jealousy is pair of others in some ways scholarship, income, apparel, appearance, demeanour, achievement, title, position, human relation good at oneself, one kind when arise secretly in the heart turns by envy for angry even the mood of envy and hate. The psychological quality of envious basis individual and morality are cultural, have the distinction on degree. Spend envious expression gently to be sullen, anxiety-ridden, say for " mood is envious " . Spend jealousy to show the strong sentiment of the detest to other again, call " passion is envious " . Chen Zhengping's jealousy is belonged to " passion is envious " .
Medical expert discovers, in brim of head issueing grave, existing " lively " and " painful " two moods centre. Envious stimulation " painful " centre, produce bad disposition mood, can cause body symptom, if be agitated is irritable, have a headache, elevatory, heart-throb, anorexia, disgusting vomiting waits insomnia, blood pressure a moment, cause airframe immunity function at the same time disorder, brain function is maladjusted, resist the ability nature of the disease will be abate.

Jealousy is seen in the everywhere in the life. It is better that the day that sees neighbour for instance is crossed, and oneself always stay in original standard, there can be a kind of quite strange feeling in the heart; See the colleague works to do more outstanding more, always be the praise that is led, get everybody reputably, there can be the taste of a kind of sour in the heart, undertake frame a case against of assault and battery, moral to its even; Seeing those who fasten life is the boy, and oneself gave birth to a girl however, also meet in the heart uncomfortable. This kind " quite strange feeling " , " the flavour of sour " and " uncomfortable " it is envious perhaps be similar to jealousy. This kind of jealousy calculates originally what to get, if change jealousy into motivation, also won't similar Chen Zhengping casts the happening of poisonous case.
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