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"Why does good student " see psychogenic disorder more
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The big, high school student that seeks advice according to psychology coming before the author is right has statistic, in the big, high school student that has psychogenic disorder, every 10 have 6 is the good student with the outstanding achievement in the class. And good student won't exceed 10% in the scale in the class, this kind of outstanding student appears the attention that the phenomenon of high proportion psychogenic disorder should cause school teacher and parent. Be what reason causes academic unripe occurrence psychogenic disorder so? This should undertake discussing from 4 respects.

One, personality factor. Will tell commonly, outstanding student basically has two kinds, one kind is the student with better gift, their intelligence quotient is extremely high, also be a person at ordinary times amiable, do not see them attend class it seems that unmindful, but the savvy as a result of them and memorial capacity are very good, exam achievement always is be among the best of candidates. Sex of responsibility of from a child of another kind of student is stronger, strict to him requirement, work pursuit is perfect, at ordinary times very him attention is in the figure before other. To teenage period, taller also to environmental requirement. Their intelligence quotient is higher also, study result is accordingly better also. And of occurrence psychogenic disorder often is this kind of student.

2, formed when person head is 4 years old grow up about the bulk of 95% , after this can continue to achieve sufficient progress. Because the high school student is in green development period, the sex hormone inside body is quick and remarkable and elevatory. Especially estrogen, bigger to individual psychological development influence. Suffer body consist in as a result of estrogen again a lot of place of the head: The area before the vision, cerebrum is coriaceous, grave head, hypophysis and margin system, main effect is having in cerebral function. Estrogen can affect a new life cerebrum development and grown and individual nerve development and give qualitative function, also affect the mankind all sorts of psychology activities, include acknowledge, mood, sexual desire and attack action. Right now, but the action as a result of estrogen, make teenage intelligence appears insensibly change. Some children become more clever, and the intellectual growth of some children may compare lag. This causes some originally the circumstance that more outstanding student learning achievement drops. The sensitive and self-abased and self-condemned, suspicious, psychology that this kind of change can cause a student bears ability drops.

3, development psychology thinks, the 2nd revolt that teenager period belongs to psychological development period, this period main show is: ⑴ social class desire is malcontent; On ⑵ idea " collide " ; The sentiment that ⑶ cannot dominate oneself is fluctuant; ⑷ adolescence be agitated; What ⑸ revolts is main pointing to is parents or authority. Teenage period the formation that is self-awareness and ego oneness period, what they want certain social part to basically include: Sexual part, profession part, association part. Because some adolescent prepare without the thought, ego oneness had be notted form completely, ambiguous also to what oneself want the part that act, become frustrated lose one's head, mood is flabby.
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