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Psychological pressure already became aeriform killer!
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"Go up lunar base, some college produced Hainan one case big one schoolboy jumps the incident that the building commits suicide, because contract depressed disease,be allegedly, and depressed disease is a kind very serious the problem of very common psychology respect, it is the cause with common suicide. We are normal the problem that the person also has psychological side more or less, just did not notice just. " Chen Daqiu of doctor of vice director of division of adviser of major of institute of application of Hainan skyline psychology, spirit says anxiety-riddenly when accepting a reporter to interview.

As we have learned, as people life rhythm is accelerated, pressure of actuating pressure, spirit increases with each passing day is to cause people psychology or the main factor that are mental problem. Psychological disease since causes one of main factors of mental disease, also be the main factor of health of minatory people body and mind.

Teenage suicide rate shows ascendant trend

In actual life, we are different the problem of respect of degree existence psychology, can appear time and again disturbed, nervous, anxious, fear " thought problem " , still can accompany a series of physiology phenomena: Dizziness headaches, attention is not centered, palpitation, flustered, memory drops, exhaustion of insomnia, body is unwell etc. Some are known how to alleviate with drain, but many people appear in ignore oneself " state " , or it is ego depression, or it is to be in by torment shame at go to a doctor, still some are broken through critical -- the suicide.

[Digital] : The whole nation has suicide of 250 thousand person every year to die, abortive commits suicide 2 million. The person that old middle and primary school has psychological problem is amounted to 20 - 30% , be in inferior of health occupy 70~80% . The person that I save issue of psychology of the existence in the crowd is absent a few.

Doctor Chen points out, psychological problem already became outstanding issue. At present each district crowd especially rate of teenage crowd suicide presents ascendant trend, the reason is many sided, lacking seasonable and appropriate psychology dredge is a main factor. I save minor to violate crime to show ascendant trend, the proportion that 17 years old of the following crime personnel place hold by 7.1% 1998, rise to stage by stage present 10% the left and right sides.

"I am about really mad, help our bank? Help our bank??

3 inferior small strong, this year 9 years old, just went up 3 grade, this semester hind answers the school, the body always is met uncomfortable. Should go to school in the morning many times small strong begin to be troubled by collywobbles, look at her to crouch in the painful appearance on sofa, mom urgent bad, send her instantly went to a hospital. Just can arrive at the door the hospital all symptoms disappeared automatically. Mom very feel puzzled, small how to meet by force so abrupt disease.
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