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Be in the undergraduate in the crisis
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Be in the crisis medium undergraduate

"I did not think of in the school my mood is met such. Can come here true not easy. I am particularly glad when just coming at the outset. But the mood is different however now. Some businesses feel quite bad... I do not know what to should do, also do not know where to go to appealing. Also do not know where to go to appealing..
Leaving the home to attend a college is the heavy about-face in the life, also be the study new mastery of a skill or technique, process that undertakes ego explores ceaselessly: New friend of meeting contact new environment, associate with, face new challenge, have new experience. Most student is full of expect, excitement and anxious mood go attending a college. The life in the university is active for the most part up, but the sentiment that also a few circumstances can make student generation inactive, handle hard:
·Leave home brought alone sense
·Concern goes to school parents brings economic burden
·With roommate or other person happening contradicts
·Afraid achievement is not ideal, fear to fail
·Dissatisfactory to the curricular arrangement of the school
·Worry about the obtain employment problem after graduation
·Because appear of the individual lose (the person death of the love that be like place, concern with someone failure of burst, exam, lose face, suffer reject to wait) and exceeding anguish

If student susceptive pressure exceeded his,answer ability to be able to appear psychological crisis. Below most circumstance the crisis can be in a few Zhou Neishun benefit are solved, but can accentuate stage by stage sometimes and cause human relation and study problem, can make the student produces suicidal opinion even. To resolve severe psychological crisis, the student needs the friend's support and the help of advisory personnel or psychological doctor normally.