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How do I help the person that has suicidal sign
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How do I help the person that there is suicidal sign?

L keep one's hair on and patience are listened attentively toL lets them pour out his feelingL approbates them to show show feeling, do not have judge, also do not try to persuade them to change them feelingL enquires whether they want to commit suicide:
"Think of to want to end life when are you painful, acedia? "Think of to want to end life when are you painful, acedia??
[Note: Enquire a person has without suicidal thought not only won't cause the suicide, can save life instead. Can save life instead.. L does not want to despise, becoming them to say to want to commit suicide is to answer to be treated seriouslyThe thing that L wants you to want to commit suicide to its like them gives when keeping secret, do not agreeL lets them believe to be able to obtain the help of a need, encourage them to seek these helpsL persuades his relevant personnel assumes the responsibility that helps them jointlyL if the dangerous sex that you think they commit suicide at that time is very tall, do not let its be in alone, should accompany them to go to orgnaization of mental hygiene service or hospital accepting instantly evaluate and treatL commits suicide to just appearing behavior (take poison, cut wrist to wait) person, the urgent consulting room that should send to recently instantly undertakes rescue