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The child often lies how to do
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The child often lies how to do

Playtime, on elementary school the ground of small enraptured fining jade of 3 grade tells about to classmates: On Sunday, father is leaving " oneself car " , the family goes a new tourist attraction travels. Going to a suburb playing is true, but small home fining jade did not buy a car; She is to listen to father to call in provincial friend to, the car that gets on the unit says is " the new car that oneself just bought " , then, small fine jade also " do sth following a set pattern " .

Because small pagoda tree of 6 grade schoolboy plays football after school too tired, two classes work to was not finished, he bent over to be asleep on the desk. The following day, he says to the teacher: "Last night, my Mom is ill, my pa is away on official business to not was in the home, I accompany my Mom to go to a hospital seeing emergency treatment, homework of the intercrop when doing not have, I fill after go up. " the teacher believes, parents however utterly ignorant, small pagoda tree is fluky deceive pass a barrier, storytelling was become after " common occurrence " .

Generally speaking, of the child " crammer " come from the following respects: 1, involuntary ground imitates an adult; 2, the adult is intended " abet " ; 3, criticize to escape, beat and scold, and undiscovered, be equal to " award " crammer; 4, lying to denounce others to like; 5, will yearning thing treats as for the job that already produced; 6, as a result of the distrust to other, and intended and fictional crammer.

Talk by the heart, in adult often also can have in human association " crammer " -- , do not keep good faith, nonperformance contract; Be late, leave early, not time keeping; Bombastic, irrelevant; Fawn on fawn on, speak intentionally against one's will if; The carry on a clandestine love affair outside marriage, beguiling spouse; False advertisement, false and inferior commodity; Hole of prep let alone cheats abduct, illegal crime. This is social reality, perhaps be human relation in " the ego that pack " need a decision. Compared with adult " big lie " , the child is Tong Yan only without avoid, excusable.

Do the person of a genuine integrity to teach the child, the parent should be kind to the child " crammer " , and, want to say with child truth fact. Analyse social reality objectively, undertake to the child true education guides. This includes the implication of 4 respects:

1, should the true word of award child, although the child made a mistake, wanted to say true word only, with respect to the be an upright person principle that should affirm him, guide him to perfect him ceaselessly, admitting the child is grow in make a mistake.

2, need not beat and scold, the inactive means such as penalty, reprimand treats the child, can avoid the child to deal with an adult with crammer, in order to protect oneself; Want to become a friend with the child, establish mutual and trustful relationship.
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