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"Try marriage " brought worry
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"Try marriage " brought worry

Duckweed 22 years old, and forest be passionately in love already had a year many, two people coiled very quickly " try wedding day " in billow. Object what duckweed disregards parents stoutly, mix even family member fall out with sb, resolutely " garrison " Home Lin.

Can be good times don't last long, two people produced contradictory conflict before long, beginning to return is the quarrel that two people upgrade stage by stage merely, later forest parents also be involved in cross verbal swords. At this moment, two people have " be duped " sigh with regret. Forest feel duckweed is right his " love " just enjoy to pursue peacockish, and she does not want what to pay again; Duckweed feels he ate to have a deficit greatly, forest to her " feeling " it is to obtain her body only, what what he values is him only young and fine-looking, is not to want to assume what responsibility and obligation. Because concubinage does not get legal protection, because duckweed breaks up between oneself and family " without the face " come home. Below the circumstance that have no alternative, she dialed psychology to seek advice from special railway line. I listened to her patiently to grow long pour outing, she is just as found a dear one, from time to time is ablaze, from time to time do not say to go out word comes sob. The in seeking advice our knowledge to her growing experience that is in for many times, arouse Lin Ye will seek advice. Although both sides sticks to his argument, but the problem is clearer and clearer however, one they are right " love " babyish understanding and behavior, it is the performance with their still insufficient and sound moral quality. They do not know love is a kind of dedication, yu Suo takes a base oneself upon; Do not know love is the feedback that needs both sides to have love, and should not make excessive demands what must the other side accomplish.

"Love " it is a kind of special human relationship, already what photograph location wants the person between border suit with harmonious principle, have again " bound of 2 the world " special one side. The people that knows love knows love is a kind of responsibility, need gives specific effort to build the nest that make love, and not only be attractive " romantic music " ; They know love is a kind of determination, have similar the fear that be pregnant and labors and labour pains, need dares and be good at " anatomize oneself " , transform oneself, in order to get used to the other side, is not merely " a solemn pledge of love " ; They know to love to want to have the psychological preparation of a kind of trends, should prepare to accept all sorts of test, and all sorts of problems that dare and are good at processing be faced with; They know the other side and not be the ideal partner form that oneself design at first, so the calm faces the place that the defect of the other side and he gets used to hard, and everything of jump at the other side, and do not attempt to change opposite party... ...
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