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Cast loaded shadow to back
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Cast loaded shadow to back

I am a high school is born, elementary school when, before learning always be annual class a few. But when 6 grade every have quota of people of two 3 exceedingly only, it is OK that our class has 3 qualified the person that enter into an election contest, other nevertheless two the individual's actual strength are far be inferior to me, the classmate thinks, two another people are in contend for another that quota of people, to me a bit influence is done not have. But that two the individual's parents send a thing to the teacher, say a good word, spent idea. They begin to give me out of thin airly speech of start a rumour, the person that takes my composition to other class is copied, say I copy the article on composition book to cheat a teacher next, such example is lifted simply before choosing 3 exceedingly come nevertheless. I am enraged so that cry every day almost, biting a tooth to force myself is held out. In them such frame a case against falls, hardly the person follows me again special was close friends, I also become also dare not mix again anybody lay one's heart bare. Because kill my teacher and that woman student, once was my most trustful person.

Later if I wished to go up key middle school, but originally I optimistic become silent. I install no less than hearts, make anything do not have self-confidence, want to go in the shadow that learns as a child very much, but I am not done really. I went up now tall one, ordered combine real study plan, want to do study is outstanding that me, but do not learn to go down every time, recall bygone feeling, I always am very sad, self-abased, regret, thinking is most day. I am really trashy, the thing 4 years ago still forgets to be not dropped. Alas! How should I forget the past, walk out of a shadow? Can I still succeed again? -- clever clever bear

The expert's word:

Do not let old injury become new painful

There is a kind to be called in psychological disease " force sexual neurosis " illness, not the inequity that is pair of a few him place experience, satisfactory thing always is be troubled Yu Huai. Why to always put to a few inessential things? Because still lack understanding to social life,be, to other, you cannot master the others with the change, put in the expectation value with exorbitant move and highbrow illusion. Now, you are born as a high school should clear, when a lot of deep-rooted bad habits of human oneself still cannot be eradicated thoroughly, people says " fairness is opposite, inequity is absolutely " , this is the truth of an indisputable really.

Children also wants issue of recognize fame and gain

Not be to say, to judging " 3 good " one knife cancels on Qiedema, everything was solved with respect to Ke Yingren, children, adolescent should learn to handle the issue such as honorary, fame and gain, level correctly as a child. Arrived adult phase, still can have likewise judge the title, promotion that raise salary, judge advanced type, win a prize famous wait a series of problems a moment, can be faced with likewise among them with judge " 3 good " similar problem, meeting competition is more intense in those days, human relation is more complex and changeful, personal interest issue more " solid material gain " . How is that faced again? So, fame and gain of not seek fame and wealth just is permanent life difficult problem. If think oneself walk out of a shadow, be inferior to adopting: Face all fantastic, laughing away just is the cleverest the simplest way.
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