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The hobby is water
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The hobby is water -- psychological advisory hand is written down

Water can carry a boat, OK also Fu boat, but middling is taught to often regard the student's good interest interest as great scourges in the school. Actually, the student's ability, interest and individual character can be regarded is " water " , prospective ideal and grow into useful timber are ego design " boat " , whether make the best use of the circumstances makes the child's interest likes tendency of psychology of this one individual character to become calm Ke Zaizhou " good water " .

Xiaoding's grandfather, father makes shipping industry, xiaoding is confused as a child went up shipping, the shipping model that he collects already had about a hundred kinds. Small Ding Hai searchs concerned photograph, stamp, magazine infatuatedly to wait, spent many time and energy for this. After in going up, learning, study result go from bad to worse of Xiaoding. First first phase end, course of door of small Ding San fails, make-up examination still fails, indignant mom stepped on the small model with those lovely choiceness rare cling to sodden. In Xiaoding cry to do his utmost to caress with grandfather, grandma greatly, maintained a few a bit more largish boat standards only. When Xiaoding's parents accompanies a son to undertake psychology seeks advice, xiaoding says to me: "I am not not to want to learn, I wanted to be brought up to become an engineer, the design is the biggest best shipping. But, I listen to the class that the teacher on classroom tells more more uninteresting, often want to draw boat model. Often want to draw boat model..

Then, I suggest small Home Ding Yi signs 3 times " domestic agreement " : ① parents allows Xiaoding to withhold pair of marine to like, can collect boat model, parents reads magazine of two kinds of concerned marine to small Ding Ding; ② Xiaoding uses homework of summer vacation take lessons after school, learn 4 not less than hours everyday, strive for make-up examination pass mark, shun repeat the year's work; The habit that Xiaoding will develop ③ to learn wholeheartedly henceforth, learn motive clearly, there is a problem to be consulted actively to teacher and classmate on study; ④ Xiaoding writes a diary to undertake ego supervise everyday, the effort that oneself consider to finish session direction, first 2 the level waits in striving for study result to be achieved at least; ⑤ parents and domestic person also should keep domestic diary, draw up the view to Xiaoding and opinion, mark the educational kind to Xiaoding, chat each other with Xiaoding every week and undertake psychology is communicated... after two months, xiaoding tells me, he rises already smoothly first 2.
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