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Fasten such to opposite sex association intensity
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Fasten such to opposite sex association intensity

In recent years, I receive a large number of teenage psychology to seek advice from a letter, to the statistic of 336 incoming letters December analysed 3 ~ 2000 is as a result, involve the issue in association of opposite sex of old high school student, it is the first of teenage attention problem. Big, high school student says in the letter, they never discuss issue of opposite sex truck with teacher and parents, not be to be misunderstood otherwise, criticize reprimand namely. Some study result is better, the high school student that did not produce to love behavior prematurely also sends a letter repeatedly, ask a lot of concerned questions that interact with opposite sex classmate.

The student is at a loss if the parent faces archenemy

A few models are below the common problem in the case:

Ge Mou of schoolgirl of a second year in high school is in * say in the incoming letter: "What parents warns me again and again is: ' talk about a friend, even if study foundation is again good, again clever, study is finished, take an examination of not superior university. ' for this I never interact with the schoolboy, but my study result drops again and again however, to take an examination of superior university, I ask actively to take one step in second year in high school. But, I still worry, if the schoolboy goes after me how to do? She raised 12 questions that make her bemused in the incoming letter, ask whether citing can make love to go to and do not affect study with different.

* Gao Sannan gives birth to Zhang Mou to say, he ever adored a classmate schoolgirl when junior high school, affect study consequently. A class was moved designedly when be being taken an examination of in, with great difficulty just has adjusted psychology. Nowadays, shortly of the university entrance exam, the schoolgirl that he discovers to a schoolgirl and he has adored classmate accidentally grows very to resemble, begin one's mind is somewhat unhinged again consequently, he thinks oneself the university entrance exam this year " was over.

Chang Mou of the 2 schoolgirls at the beginning of * , coerce in mom next letters that write a schoolboy to her gave teacher. From now on, she is very self-condemned, often become nightmare, and dare not look up see classmate and teacher, study result is affected by huge, do not know how to should do.

* is tall one schoolgirl Wu Mou is in the incoming letter complain tearfully: The mother just is come up against accidentally she and one schoolboy one before one hind walk out of a school gate, hold she and that man student the concern is not common. From this, parents prohibits the activity that she joins school basketball group, also do not allow her to become class cadre; Often still check her satchel, even parents receives her to come home to school doorway sometimes, see she and schoolboy talk with respect to interrogate perpetual, do not permit her explanation and argue one's case. Such, make Wu Mou very painful and depressive, study result and human association are affected.
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