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Eat forbidden fruit what flavour?
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Eat forbidden fruit what flavour?

Recently, in psychological advisory hotline, schoolboy of a high school says his worry: "A friend spends birthday, ten people reach our group hall of singing and dancing goes playing. Over, I knew ' 3 accompany a young lady ' , she professes to have 17 years old only, just came out from home town, be the same as with me age. We special get along well, and I tasted forbidden fruit for the first time, spent tasteful one night. But, before long I appear I a lot of unusual symptoms, all over uncomfortable, low fever, genital suppurate, be by hospital diagnose clap. Reduce through treating a symptom to have a bit, but, my mood is very heavy, dare not tell father and mother this thing, because parents is right my expectation cost is very high, hope I take an examination of a famous brand university. I already did not have money to treat now, but not dare homeward in should, also do not know to will cure thoroughly henceforth; If this disease is treated bad, can I still attend a college? Will there still be an outlook henceforth? Later can amative marriage? Can you affect bear? Consider these issues, I am particularly painful and vexed, regretful. I study result all along exceedingly good, all day long is anxiety-ridden now, study result also suffer a disastrous decline; Nowadays is to live really year... " .

The experience of this boy makes a person sympathize with. Only now way is to clutch as soon as possible cure, strive for cure thoroughly venereal, cannot hide the truth from parents again, the understanding that gets father and mother only and excuse, ability gets remedial charge faces up to reality only, learn a lesson, ability makes him new hearten.

The psychological spirit disease that adolescent causes as a result of all sorts of sexual problem place is in adolescence is the commonnest. Resemble afore-mentioned in the case, a variety of this worry that already affected venereal high school to be born not without the truth, if he is faced with problem cannot very good solve, meet probably to the development of his lifetime produce negative effect; If know its such, why at the outset? So, in be taught to teenage sex, should impose this one tax: Should know " sexual error " the factitious and serious mortgage that behavior may bring. "The person has close concern surely without foresight " , this word is special remind adolescent, do not want the place that oneself ought not to go to; Cannot taste forbidden fruit secretly easily more, pursue only temporarily " happy " , result future trouble is boundless.