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Not quite beautiful
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Insufficient beauty also is fortune

Adolescence is pursuit " beautiful " period. However, a lot of teenage incoming letters say, because he grows not quite beautifully,special affliction feels self-abased. This makes I recall the famous test of a psychologist of foreign, he asks big, high school student to undertake evaluating to oneself, the student that has 95 % above as a result is dissatisfactory to his appearance and figure. And when studying to be being resembled undertaking by rehearsal when researcher, discover 98 % above be being tried is development normal healthy person, appearance also cannot say " ugly " . This kind of sharp contrast tells us, most teenage existence " body resembles trouble " , and this kind of trouble is a society the result of all sorts of media and narrow aesthetic idea misdirect.

One signs " uncomely small beauty " 16 years old of girls write a letter to appeal, then the author arranges her interview, the partial record that I and small beauty chat is below.

-- teacher, I have suffering not to say really. Do not know from when to begin, I notice to there is a lot of is the same as in campus age the girl is very beautiful slender. Under photograph comparing, I feel very ashamed, because my both neither is beautiful, also do not have good figure.

-- so, do you think what beautiful, slender standard is?

-- that still is used say, be in every day in advertisement, TV, film how many does the handsome female handsome young man that appear have, it is of course be a standard with them.

-- but, if everybody is same slender, beautiful, follow " clone person " about the same? That has one to plant drab with dreariness drab, can this world still have the individual character of the crowd of diversification and rich and colorful?

-- although I also understand this reason, I also am met ego is comforted, outside beauty is not important, important is to should have the heart like a gold, but the dress that sees when me others dress can show slim type of build or figure has gone before me when, I still feel very self-abased.

-- look you are right " outside beauty not so important " , still lack personal experience, you understand reality of a few societies should morely. The woman of very great success is made in all trades and professions nowadays, differ choose a site for the capital is the person with slender beauty; Rather, the female with a lot of successful careers is the person with appearance average bodily form. Because, they put energy morely on school work and career, this is they can obtain higher degree or a when obtain a career to go up to be accomplished higher main reason.

-- so say, beauty and should also make the person pays price slightly?

-- also can say, if do not have a kind of true life attitude, beauty and also can become life burden sometimes slightly, perhaps return the professional scope that can limit a female, make they are entered more likely by accident " eat green meal " trap, when when they discover they wasted green days to do not have effort study for nothing, already often was to regret late!
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