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The son wants how to do when the star
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The son wants how to do when the star

Small brave of 14 years old is popular song lover, and his appearance is brilliant, the figure is slender, be called by classmates " small Liu Dehua " . Small brave find oneself is good, always be music does not leave an opening, he has been in all sorts of circumstances " announce " : "Henceforth, I must become a star! " but, student times ever was literary the parents of mobile activist affirms a son however " absolutely " do not have a predestined relationship with the star. Because they listen to a small brave,sing " unmusical " . Parents does his utmost to object a son " star dream " , often be opposite his fleer, then, small brave and parents produced acerb contradiction. Spent this summer vacation, small brave is about to go up first 3, his study result is medium only, on the class the platoon is in 19, but this is too dangerous, if be taken an examination of,go up how does high school do? The father of small brave is very anxious. Small brave is apathetic however, and feel disgusted more and more to parents, he says: "The thing of myself need not you worry about, one's deceased father do not go to school the word of school, myself goes working feed oneself. I want to become a star, come true certainly, everybody does not want to change me! " the parents of small brave is very angry, do not know how to treat this crackpot son. The parents of psychological doctor Xiang Xiaoyong offers the following proposal:

1, arrange its nature, small brave had a kind of pursuit after all, he begins to design his future, it is a favour, parents should give affirmation and support. Arrange its nature, can remove the insecurity of parentage respect, the education that is helpful for pair of small brave and guide.

2, interest is best teacher, lv of parent take an examination helps small brave get acquainted with a professional singer or it is musical teacher, if small brave has opportunity development to learn knowledge of a few music, can have self-knowledge instead. If oneself do not suit to become a star, natural meeting abandons.

3, make oblique references, parents of make the best use of the circumstances should be told more a few socially thing, make the child understands all sorts of occupational characteristics and the requirement to the person's ability and psychological quality, be beneficial to the child to establish actualer ideal.

4, the ability that education him child chooses, the parent cannot force his volition the child, so, should inspire him child to observe a society, choose proper behavior way, oneself will decide prospective development.

5, use adolescent to be in adolescent plasticity, encourage small brave to try to develop him diversiform specialty and interest, after when his interest progressively trend is stabilized, with respect to action of can real play, arise strong curiosity and curious desire, natural meeting forms the powerful motive force of effort study.
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