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Spouse concern sue for peace is not begged with
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Spouse concern sue for peace is not begged with

Spouse concern should be abided by " sue for peace is not begged with " principle. Sue for peace, it is do one's best and harmonious, tacit, mutual need, admit, praise and admire; Do not beg with, it is to admit the difference between person and person, value the individual character of the other side, habit, interest, not compulsive the other side makes what change by his apiration, and should accept the defect of the other side and weak point termlessly, can tolerate the inadequacy of the other side and mistake.

In the psychology of domestic problem the discovery in seeking advice, the dispute that husband and wife concerns, begin from daily bagatelle mostly. For example, a pair of old husband and wife of year of even more a cycle of sixty years, marry 38 years, be in all the time cat-and-dog in live. Children people grown, need not worry about again, they just review their marriage purposely. The old lady says to psychological doctor: "Alas, disposition of this old fogey too gruff, what all day long carries me is not. Yesterday, I am being written down obviously had closed the door of the balcony in the evening, can rise to look in the morning, the door opens. He often hits shadowboxing on the balcony, did he forget to close? But he does not admit namely. " old gentleman says however: "She this individual loves to chatter namely, I can not do the important matter petty thing in the home less, she always is dissatisfactory, a little what thing was not done good, shift responsibility on my body, always make person indolence fast! " actually, the balcony had added a window to close, close not to close to also be indifferent to, what what can make a noise is there? Whose blame is cent wanting to give who why between husband and wife? The bagatelle to the family should everybody has duty, it is everybody is not had sometimes duty.

Just married the small Li He of half an year is less than, also be a few not quite not small issue was troubled by at odds. Double cease day is less than should return a married woman's parents' home, xiaoli slants not to agree, must see him first old father. It is heart of a filial piety, where is going first same? Small Li Ai has chili, often fry dish of on a few Sichuan, be less than like food of delicate another name for Guangdong Province however, for this small two are done not have little bicker. If make the food that likes severally at the same time, taste the taste that the other side loves each other, be very interesting also?

Old river of middleaged husband and wife and Laozhang, want in those days a pair of brilliant students that people says to they are to fly wing to wing, can be these year they must not be so happy however too. Laozhang says: "I sacrificed for this home the major that oneself are good at, go into business makes a money more is for the day in the home pass some more comfortably off. Work overtime or be to have what thing, I call tell her, the someone cries me ' wife canal is severe ' , but she often is not at ease to me, suspect me the lover, come back behind schedule with respect to interrogate not was over, such going down, morning and evening must divorce! " Laojiang says: "Everybody envies us two, work in unit of national level scientific research well, have for many times again go abroad the opportunity that make an on-the-spot investigation, go into business of his have to, want to taste the flavor when big money, had lived the corrupt life of scene of debauchery, is this to cold-shoulder me old? " the country is so big, even is OK " one nation " , a family also can be executed all the same " two make " , the key is sensible, should understand each other, tolerate and trust, go to bad part not always to want.
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