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Face the privacy of adolescent children
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Face the privacy of adolescent children

Privacy should be respected, if a child had not experienced considered feeling, he does not know esteem others. After becoming the child 10 years old especially, enter green development gradually period, the maturity on physiology causes the change of mentally, can appear one kind " closedown psychology " , those who began to have oneself is small " secret " , do not want to tell father and mother what, this is child adolescence " privacy " . This is in teenage period is very normal phenomenon. The child had privacy is a when the child is brought up important sign. If the parent pays no attention to solution, often can produce serious parentage conflict.

Little song of 15 years old is first 3 students, she added a lock on the desk drawer of own room. Go up first 3 a day after, when the mother clears away a room, discover the daughter forgot lock drawer, can't help pulling open a drawer to look, this looks make she ate one Jing. There are many correspondences and greeting card inside, the diary that still has a daughter this. According to maternal judgement, voluminous correspondence and greeting card are the hand of out boy, the condition of a few boys also was described in the daughter's diary, and little song still has the man student on the class " queue up " , she writes in the diary: "10 schoolboys have a few good qualities to be worth me to learn... before 3 love candidate that become me to did not come likely. " is the daughter in love early? This mother instantly insecurity rises, she is considered must not discuss with the husband, matched the key of drawer of a daughter immediately.

After a few days, this mother " steal " the diary in giving daughter drawer and correspondence, will see psychological doctor. "Girl attention opposite sex of adolescence is very normal, her diary and correspondence explain, she was not loved early with the boy, it is normal love psychology only, above criticism, and also do not have impact study! If the daughter did not discover you had opened her drawer, go to her thing replace stealthily; If was become aware by the daughter, be about to strive for active, admit his mistake to her, can eliminate misunderstanding so. " psychological doctor averted tragedy of cracked of relation of a mother and daughter in time.

In another family, produced the thing of a regret making a person however. 17 years old small strong the high school that is a stubborn of individual character gruff is unripe. Have a week, have in the letter box that father discovers oneself twice small strong letter, and the font on the envelope carefully and nearly comely, think most is to have the girl write a letter to the son. Husband and wife one aggregate: Does the son give in a friend? This can not be bagatelle!

Then " the husband sings Fu to follow " , begin " cross-question " : The letter that who writes to you is that? The word is very beautiful! Can not use time in write love letter to go up, your boy is not taken an examination of get on an university not to think that is meddlesome! ... ground of rat-tat of small strong rat-tat says: "I do not have a girlfriend, it is the letter that a when junior high school male fellow student comes to, he encounters difficult problem, how can I help him? " " do not take this word to deceive people, brave man works brave man is become, why to obtain the incoming letter look? " father says. "This is my personal letter, why be not you to look? " ground of son one is assured and bold with justice is refuted. "Look, dare not look to the person, still be the secret of hidden! " maternal pour oil on the fire. The son is in in a fit of anger, to the room that enters oneself, 3 5 except 2, rip the classmate's incoming letter so that smash. Father more fire: "Your boy wing is hard, see me no matter got you,be in charge of! You write the content of the incoming letter from memory to me come out, otherwise, I tell a teacher! " " your don't imagine that is possible! I am not written! You do not deserve to become my father! " son stretch ran door. It is small really so Xiaoli of strong classmate of junior high school gave in a girlfriend, xiaoli writes a letter to tell a good friend his secret for many times, and with small strong discuss. Small strong the privacy that thinks this is Xiaoli, as the good friend, should be small Li Baomi, because this does not wish to let parents know, is this very normal?
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