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Why does good student have bad state of mind
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Why does good student have bad state of mind

Zhang Mou is taste the girl that learns to hold actor concurrently, but the parent and teacher absolutely did not think of, she jumps suddenly however the building committed suicide. Distress extremely mom, after the event is in Zhang Mou found the solution in some diary. Original, some mom and grandma, father often produces Zhang Mou quarrel, in their conflict, her both neither is willing to stand in mom at the same time, also not be willing to stand in grandma and father at the same time, because she loves their everybody, this makes her mood often is in a kind of contradiction in, slowly, she begins to be tired of family, days of whole mood is low, absentminded, walked up not to put in a road 's charge finally.

As we have learned, the number that has psychological disease in adolescent at present shows ascendant trend, concerned orgnaization once had made count, in patient of many 300 depressed disease, having 80 % is a student, learn outstanding student to occupy 60 % among them. Concerned expert thinks, the child the urge for improvement that has learned is strong, and right all round the its experience that produce is sensitive, these children have together with very strong proper pride, this makes their study result can be among the best of candidates. However, such child always hopes successful, when live or the setback is being encountered in study, they do not wish to be known by others, concern is made fun of, if ego adjustment ability is poor, appear very easily psychogenic disorder, serious person cause depressed disease possibly.

Chinese health teachs Mr. Xu Xiuru of the institute to tell, the life muscularity of drab, study pressing and domestic misfortune are to make adolescent appears the main reason of psychological disease. Appear easily the child of psychological disease mostly sensitivity and introvert, do not wish to communicate with the person, do not love sport. Accordingly, once get setback and pressure, create psychological problem easily. Such example, be born in current old middle and primary school in not scarce. The teacher that occupy Xu is told, their psychological referral center often recieves such student, countrywide each district writes a letter to seek advice also countless.

Before be like before long, mr. Xu recieved a such students, qian Mou the graduate student that now is a famous brand university of Beijing, he discovers, from famous brand university take an examination ofing comes to a few classmates with his dormitory, oneself cross old work energetically to teach oneself ability pass an entrance examination in out-of-the-way and a mountainous area classics, the foundation is inferior to them for certain, because this thinks classmates look down on him certainly, very self-abased, what to get to be inferior to others, think so the more, his study result is worse, from now on, he is in all day self-abased and live in angst, finally, he did not have even the courage that walks into classroom attend a lecture, crouch in the dormitory every day, fortunately the classmate all round discovered his action is unusual, take him actively to see a doctor, through a paragraph of cure, qian Mou's illness just improves somewhat.
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