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How does extramarital affair do
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How does extramarital affair do

In recent years, the issue that concerns with extramarital love is really increasing. The person that beg ask is the male or female no matter, general metropolis makes we have such feeling: The affection that is them is understandable -- meet bosom friend, what can be merciless; 2 it is them it is to pass what cogitative ability will appeal -- it is the person that irresponsible to the family morality rots by no means; 3 it is them in be in condition of be in a dilemma and deep bewilderment -- the feeling that how to lose oneself to long for, obtain interior calm again.

Be in marriage in loving psychology to seek advice, it is the woman comes mostly " charge " of the husband " extramarital affair is Babylon " , it seems that the culprit that the male always is extramarital affair, those who do a wife is much come ask for advice " the ruse of tubal makeup husband. But, listened to the person that the male begs ask pour out, have to admit, extramarital affair is both sides of male and female after all " participate in jointly " thing, and when producing extramarital affair, it is more what go up with affection of husband and wife is certain scanty from, contradictory or disharmonious about; The person's affection is complex, the love between the couple, be afraid also cannot use simply " good " with " bad " will evaluate. Fairness analyses extramarital affair, especially male extramarital affair, give the each families, person that give humanness wife especially, do one review the opportunity of his marital quality? Also make for wife person society a few hold and farther " control " the hang of valve of him husband affection?

In marriage love in seeking advice, although the man appears extramarital love person occupy 80 % above, but with respect to origin and responsibility character, "Tripartite " all have a share; "Tripartite " be in desperately " struggle " , it is painful to be in " choice " . To have an overall knowledge, union is a lot of now have a representative case, do to all sorts of types of extramarital love analyse simply:

One, affection compensation. White gentleman of some college teacher is an affection the young writer with rich, wide interest, its wife for middle school teacher, the job is busy and very overworked, in often returning the home, already was all over the face tired look, to correct a student exercise is returned constant " the night fighting that carry the lamp " , she also is too busy naturally a variety of psychology need of attend to husband. White gentleman is met in some pen in encounter poplar young lady, her optimistic, humorous individual character mixes his adore the style of writing of elegant Qing Li; What she also likes him is conversable with the mind with sharp thinking, in the course of contacts, two people drop into the love net. White gentleman thinks Miss Yang can compensate the feeling that him wife place gives hard.

2, those who have the same illness sympathize with each other. Mr Liu and Ms. Qiu all are some factory off-duty workers, 2 people go out together apply for, meet with repeatedly setback, croak together, think way together again again seek one's fortune. Collective destiny makes 2 people those who have the same illness sympathize with each other, because compare oneself to the sweetheart capable, income is much and feel self-abased and compunctious, say to jump over more close to, feel the other side can understand him, and bring for the bosom friend, development becomes lover concern.
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