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Come from the report of psychological referral center
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Come from the report of psychological referral center

World Health Organization (WHO) will be certainly 2001 " spirit is wholesome year " , the theme that the world defended birthday on April 7, 2001 is " spirit is wholesome " , catchword is " eliminate bias, be brave in care " . This theme has real sense to the crowd of different age. The children in growing, adolescent is the tall danger crowd of mental disease, should get more care.

Of all kinds spirit and psychological behavior problem is a kind of disease of health of minatory mankind body and mind, the children adolescent that there are 22 % of 17 % ~ about on the world gets the worry of development, affection, behavior and school work problem. The sicken rate of disease of our country children, teenage spirit also shows clear ascendant trend. Use crisis of psychology of syndrome of disease, throbbing bawdry, adolescence, sex more like children again all sorts of psychogenic disorder, nerve are asked for, adolescent mental disease be born in middle and primary school in very common, mental disease suffers from already became big, high school student to rest in recent years leave school the first reason. Mental sanitation knowledge gains ground in our country very insufficient still, because lack understanding to mental disease, easy generation misunderstands people, the person that all sorts of spirit disease suffer from, those who regard terrible disgust " bedlamite " , treat them as " alien " .

Chinese health teachs the mental health referral center of the institute, in the working practice that faces a society ten years, recieve a controversy to seek advice from thousands of, still the hotline is reached epistolary seek advice to make an appointment with more than 20000 in all. Regard psychology as worker, the author has contacted mixed mental disease patient, they although of some psychology behavior unusual, but it is Everyman, also have their lovely, respected place.

Bear the child that extremely tall expectation is worth

Because flocculus of 16 years old appears " exam insecurity is asked for integratedly " and " school dread disease " , already suspend one's schooling two years, new term is about to begin, his parents is discussing the issue of go back to school with him again. But, flocculus still does not want to go to school, see severe father especially, he must quiver with respect to insecurity, he has appeared the inchoate symptom of the schizophrenia. "He this child does not love to learn namely, result is right before, still not be I check the result that supervise and urge constantly! Suspend one's schooling two years, his heart more came loose, still go up what learns? Unlearned, charming arrogant 2 gas, the father that a reap without sowing helminth wide flocculus is after seeing him always uses this kind of severe rebuke and disappointed snout to evaluate a son. Flocculus says to psychological doctor: ' I am a good-for-nothing, old fool, big goofy, I too lost face to parents! I want to go to school very much, but I cannot control myself, enter a classroom afflictive feel restless, what is inexorable also go, how do I do? How to do... " flocculus every time respecting these choke up with sobs, and a slap on the face that makes oneself.
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