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The image in therapeutics of box front courtyard diagnoses: Sand table heart res
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The image in therapeutics of box front courtyard diagnoses: Sand table heart resembles all sorts of model voice

Schizophrenia (Schizophrenia)

The patient of this kind of symptom is not had finalize the design especially the sand table of voice, but can see a few kinds from inside experience. The river closes to ever had carried a patient to write a case with baluster edge all round surround circuit again (this also is medium the inspirational origin of the LMT frame law of the well) . Desert or it is dense a castle appears only in the forest, water is shallow little and without the bridge. Although this sand table takes religious sex, but appear, is the image of deathly stillness. Introduce two case here.

Case A, 18 years old of males, the person that cure restricts after of half an year and treatment begins generation to trust a relation, this is the sand table that makes at this period place. Of this work special a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale is baluster edge those who write a case all round surround circuit again, there is sod in baluster (do not feel sand directly, this is to did not appear in the apparently message that forces sexual defense) . The heathen God that writes to hold bottle is put in the center of, hide in crock write a white hare. There is anatomy in front of of God, 4 corners have conch. Other still have 3 withered trees, only right next horn have a greenery. There is the rebarbative animal such as dinosaurian, snake, lizard outside crawl. The author thinks the greenery that puts only and the white hare that hide in crock are the coupling of the hope, white hare as the self-image of the case, do not have other weapons besides the fast foot that flee for one's life, often also set upright an ear to note week of position that meet with, this is a schizophrenia person optimal portraiture (see < appendix one > graph 3) .

Another a case B, 23 years old of females. Her sand table did not appear crawl, but have the wood that writes very dense arboreous place to form, there is a castle that is stayed in by branch cloak in the woods. She says: " if have the castle with mediaeval West, I can be put certainly. " her covet is " the royalty of wheat of Wu Dan of him one's previous experience, because some kind is wrong, by Japanese familial to took away " , the correspondence of this symptom and sand table is afford for thought really (see
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