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The short range that expands mode from body psychology is treated (Doing
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The short range that expands mode from body psychology is treated (Doing Brief Psychotherapy)

Dhiti presses: This is one of big child with the author family special moustache from body psychology therapeutics cling to the from therapeutics of body psychology short distance concept of compose of Shi Ke place, among them analysis and development mode are very significant, the be searched actively and invokes oneself of the person that call in power in reminding cure division can be being treated especially, the point of view that has decision effect in short distance therapeutics, be worth to we learn and take seriously.

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Since Foluoyide the disease of demonstrative psychology suffers from, symptom, but the scar that place of complex of Paasche of bottom of Yi of period of children of patient of analysis of by means of causes will treat 癒, his method---Psychoanalysis, be regarded as infallible law by dynamical psychotherapy division widely. But psychoanalysis is cost not merely, arduous, beautiful money, and when training day of free from worries of division of a psychoanalysis to abandon, the psychoanalysis division that can accept complete training after all amount to is not much, become short to the people that broad and intentional manage perplexes. At it is psychoanalysis is revised simpler, but still the method that the issue that establish radical Wu Yi explores patient childhood growing process will come to treat psychological disease to suffer from, namely of alleged psychoanalysis type (Psychoanalytically Oriented) , dynamic (Dynamic) , or it is to comprehend a gender (Insight) the source of psychotherapy rises.

Although dynamical psychotherapy treats a number every week less, but whole cure process still should cost several years like psychoanalysis. In last few years the demand day of short-term psychotherapy abundants, at it is to be below the need that expectation can achieve psychoanalysis result with shorter time, development goes several kinds of new cure pattern.
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