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Erichsen: Character develops 8 phase theory
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Erichsen: Character develops 8 phase theory

8 level that Erichsen mankind develops are picked from " character psychology introduction "

Erik Erikson: Was born in German Frankfurt 1902, parents is Danish.

The diploma of the school of benefit of shuttle of an unconscious stage that when his university preparatory graduates, acquires, and accept An Na • to not the Luo Yide training in children psychoanalysis respect, it is the only standard school work that he wins (be equivalent to high school record of formal schooling) . A typical model that he makes the stand that can make the psychoanalysis home that Fuluoyide thinks need not assiduously |study major of medical courses in general completely. Ever held the post of the professor of a college of medicine of grow fort university and college of medicine of haing Buddha university.

To Fuluoyide's praise highly, admire An Na Fuluoyide about " ego and defense mechanism " be opposite in the book of ego function take seriously. Published famous book 1950 " childhood period and society " , this book height emphasized the importance that social culture element develops to the mankind democratically. Detailed still ground discusses the function of ego in the book, founded to be become now of new learning division " ego is psychological " .

Erichsen thinks life is by be born to death 8 phase place comprises.

In front the phase of development of psychological sexual desire of 5 phase and Fuluoyide assumes the time that happen is almost identical. As to these what thing should produce in level, erichsen and Fuluoyide hold different view however. Him Erichsen raises 3 level from the back, it reflected his side to psychological significant contribution.

According to the theory of Erichsen, the order of 8 phases is decided by heredity, cannot change consequently. This kind of development that decides by heredity is considered as to abide by what become a principle gradually orderly, this is Erichsen uses the term that come from inside biology. He describes as follows to this one principle:
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