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Erichsen, it is Americanism analysis doctor, of contemporary psychoanalysis egghead, . Ancestral home Denmark, was born at German Frankfurt 1902. Entered American native place 1939.

Erichsen 1933 ~ preexistence is Bostonian 1939 practice, undertake psychoanalysis to children, wait for college of medicine and human relation institute to hold a post in Ha Fo, Yale, ever went together with anthropologist again Indian is mixed habitat to Su Ren You Luo overcomes a person to turn anthropologic investigation into style or manner of writing. 1939 ~ attended college of welfare of California university children 1944 " fore-and-aft children guidance studies " , the sexual difference of the settlement that the lifecycle that involves a person conflicts in each phase and children game. Sa of California, can goes after this etc place teach, form character to develop epigenesis gradually.

1950, erichsen publishs important book " children period and society " one book. This book memory is extensive, include psychoanalysis (special ego is psychological) with culture anthropologic the material of two respects, delay the concept such as postpone a deadline to have to society of crisis of oneness, oneness, psychology preliminary discuss. Reach in this book a few composing are medium later, he made a new learning that develops about children say. Development of mankind of haing Buddha university learned successor 1961 and psycho professor. The new theory that the research of this period and composing basically develop with him is a foundation and emphasize issue of research ego oneness. Will nearly more than 10 years consider to show a few thorny issues of level to American society deep, the change of action of the position that is like a black, woman, teenage unusual action. His ego psychology already exceeded the clinical range of psychoanalysis theoretically, permeate social science extensively all domains, its fame also exceeded American national boundaries.

The main composing of Erichsen: " childhood and society " , " young Lu De: The research of psychoanalysis and history " , " oneness: Teenager and crisis " , " the truth of Gandhi: The source that considers nonresistant spirit " , " the dimension of new oneness " , " collect of lecture of outstanding Buddha abdicate " , " the instant of life history and history " wait.
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