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Object relation and from body psychology
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Object relation and from body psychology

Object concerns namely human relation. "Object " (Object) this word, it is at first a when what cite by Fuluoyide technical word, pure those who point to is to be able to satisfy some kind of requirement (thing) . Those who compare broad sense tell, it is to point to as another person its are experienced or the object of drive force (object) or the main concern person of the content of mark or thing. Fuluoyide is reached in force of discussion instinct drive about inchoate mother child (female) object is used first when the setting sequence of thought of the relation one word. Be in and " relation " (Relations) when be being used together repeatedly, what object points to is human concern and think to concerned in the past (be left) immanent remains (Inner Residues) model individual is in meeting form to be mixed at present other the interactive case between people.

Of dug of object relation theory is psychological structure (those who point to is from body and him person, or be in in object video) inchoate form with differentiation, and these internal compositions are how to appear in human circumstances. A variety of meetings that the central point that these egghead place emphasize is inchoate life are taken (after giving) on the relation that will affect force continuously; That is to say, an odd-come-short inside individual heart (Residues) or trace (Remnant) . These these odd-come-short that concerned in the past, immanent object concern, the consciousness that formed an individual is experienced (means) and the relation with other person. The individual just is not mixed actual he person interactive, still mix immanent he person interactive, (this immanent he person be) emersion of a kind of psychology (Psychic Representation) , it can be a screwy version of a certain actual figure.

The story of a widely known can act as " case research " come illuminate uses these 3 kinds of academic mode to be opposite same what place takes a patient is different take way (in fact, the treatment that remedial division has works all very much the same, though has very big difference on notional mode) . Our hypothesis Cinderella (Xin Dili is pulled) the help that because come with the marital problem between prince,seeks remedial division. Traditional Fuluoyide school may the depression of dug Cinderella sex instinct and she is all to parents and the Paasche end the Yi that did not solve is experienced. This kind treats division or the analyst is met from its ego (Ego) with this I (Id) the problem that the defense between the structure and conflict respect will come to analyse Cinderella.
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