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Object relation psychotherapy
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Object relation psychotherapy

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If the psychoanalysis of a bad-mouth making a person wheres the base oneself upon in Chinese heart? If you forgot to close in the evening, the analyst can be explained those who say you is subconscious in had be only too anxious to bandits comes in the longing that rapes you; But if you always do not forget lock door, the analyst still can explain his the retrorse action that longs to be raped for you, no matter how say, be destined to want to be defeated. The courage with the book very great need that sees psychoanalysis, patient, love and include heart. Psychoanalysis explains the place that has too much controversy making a person for it to the person's travel, persuade the reader of scientific assume leadership and learned men very hard, want to read the book of psychoanalysis, the true space that needs to have an illusion, calm power that has patient faintness and inaccuracy to feel surely, hold a desire that is satisfied and persistence concurrently, reach those who enjoy disillusion is true (Lin Yuhua, 1997) .

One. Basic idea:

1.Object (Object) :

* Freud (Freud) : Object is libidinal object, can be object, OK it is person, OK also be a person partially.

* Feierben (Fairbairn) : Object is the main body that makes a person happy or joyless, is not enjoyment abreact object.

* concerns in object normally medium object (Object) , those who point to is the other in human relation.

2.Object concerns:

Watch with the definition of object, object concern says simply is human relation, but the subject that object relation discusses is more extensive than human relation a lot of, " object relation is to point to consist in a person is immanent the mode of the human relation in spirit condition " , its main core idea is to believe the person's first motivation depends on seeking object or the relationship with other, and rather than is sought contented, the person's ultimate goal is to maintain a relationship with another person.
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