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Anima and Animusi
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[Graph article] Anima and Animusi

Anima and Animusi are two kinds of when flourish case puts forward important prototype. Prototype of A Ni Ma is the female image in male heart, animusi is the male image in female heart. Consequently both but interpret goes for the female bend and man go bend. If say character mask can be regarded is a person spectacular the one side that sees to others, it is the outside figure that common people place sees, namely " appearance " , so contrast to it, the Animusike in the Anima in male spirit and woman spirit regards the in-house figure that is an individual, namely " inside appearance " .

As prototype, anima is the woman figure of a collective in male frame of mind. "Anima is a man have on the body a few female feature or it is female gene. That is the thing that on man body both neither presents to also do not disappear, it from beginning to end on body of consist in man, have an effect that makes its Nancy. " flourish division still says: "In the man involuntary in the center, pass genetic pattern keep a collective figure of the woman, have the aid of hereat, he is able to experience the female's essence. " it is to say namely, anima is from embed what go up in the organism on man body the source is in first and genetic and the element that come, all ancestors that are him experience a kind of moulage that leaves or prototype to the female, it is all impressional that the woman hits is accumulated one kind. So Anima is a natural prototype, it always is beforehand in the mood of consist in person, reaction, impulse, in the initiative other incident in consist in cultural life. Probably we are understandable make for because consist in man is subconscious medium Anima we produce the physiology of a few nature or mood reaction when be contacted with the woman. As a kind of prototype, anima is all sorts of affective mix style, it included those who belong to a female all sorts of composition, be all female psychology trends in man spirit is reincarnate, for instance punch-drunk feeling is mixed mood, premonition quality, the thing with recipient rational blame, to the ability that person appearance loves, wait to natural feeling. From this we understand easily, anima has its positive one side already, sure also have its inactive one side. Go about this female the different performance manner of bend complex, flourish case points out Anima is an elegant goddess occasionally, it is an a succubus, female demon occasionally, her irregular change gives all sorts of appearance to make the person confuses drunk meantime, she uses various crafty plot embarrass we, those who arouse happiness and misfortune is psychedelic, arouse the rapture of sadness and love. Anima is in form of archaic Ceng Xian goddess and sibylline, mediaeval in order to fall, figure of this one goddess was replaced by celestial goddess place. In literary work, water of sea bewitching, mountain forest lustre faery, female demon is Anima change the figure that give, they puzzled young man, sucked the life on their body.
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