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From lane of body psychology job, from body psychology course, from body psychol
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From a few basic ideas of body psychology

Self Psychology from body psychology

A kind of psychoanalysis theory and technology, come from the research that Heinz Kohut has to narcissism character disease, of attention is the development from body is reached change a relationship from body object. Advocate from body psychology triode the structure from body, and normal from body it is lens is mirrorred, the Utopian, balance with twin demand.

Concern from body psychology and object theory is both since the classic psychoanalysis that is Foluoyide together, be good at and described in detail about before the two big psychoanalysis of the problem of language period phenomenon and processing are academic.

Personality, narcissistic, narcissism character

NPD, case disease suffers from narcissism person to diagnose statistical manual in mental division disease the 4th edition (the main feature in DSM-IV) is to last model excessive and the exaggerating of voice, sensitive, and devoid god is entered, exaggerated feeling, , think oneself problem is exclusive, and can be understood by specific person place only: The attention with protracted need and admire (when " expressional addiction " be used to when defining narcissism home, meet sometimes be taken use) : Power move. Exaggerated feeling, feel alone, with the demand that is admired, it is 3 can contract narcissism character disease most have divisional factor with disease of someone else case.

Other and relevant feature, the subconscious illusion that be like influence or succeeds indefinitely, violent rage when should be being criticized, ashamed the feeling with abasement, human use; Lack manages together the heart, envy to other is admired and excessive Utopian feeling bias. From the back the spends badly relation of these features and disease, very the specific cent at character.
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