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Oneself is psychological: The new Fan Shi of psychoanalysis
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Oneself is psychological: The new Fan Shi of psychoanalysis

Summary: The article analysed oneself psychology of Kehete to be the same as the similarities and differences of traditional psychoanalysis theory, point out oneself psychology is right development of character structure, character and its dynamic explanation, the method that uses psychoanalysis studies and treats is different from traditional psychoanalysis theory. It not only the oneself barrier that can explain traditional psychoanalysis place cannot explain, and can cover, the phenomenon that explains traditional psychoanalysis theory can explain, it is the new Fan Shi of a psychoanalysis.

Keyword: New Fan Shi of psychoanalysis oneself psychology

The oneself of psychoanalysis is psychological (Psychoanalytic Self Psychology) is by Americanism analytics domestic sea Yinci Kehete (Heinz Kohut, 1913, 1981) place develops, it is psychoanalysis theory the new development below new social history requirement, have person for " new oneself psychology Fan Shi " . [1]

Kehete the research key psychoanalysis from natural drive force or ego (Ego) transfers oneself (over Self) , raise oneself to unprecedented height in the position in character structure. In its academic mature phase, in exhibiting, Kehete thinks oneself is sent in psychology is most main, be primary, the development of psychological sexual desire, corresponding involuntary conflict and ego is subject to the development of oneself, be secondary. Accordingly, oneself psychology has all to photograph academic framework of the gender namely, can understanding, specification all psychogenic disorder and mental disease, can be covered and understand whole psychoanalysis process, apply to the whole process that psychology develops, pu Si of surname of the Russia before be being applied to already period, also apply to Edi Pu Si period and the following period. Oneself psychology is called theoretically the new Fan Shi of psychoanalysis, reach psychoanalysis to treat a method to be the same as traditional psychoanalysis theory because of its research key, research technique just about (include lineal Fuluoyidepa psychoanalysis theory, ego is psychological (Ego Psychology) theory and most object concern (Object Relations) theory.
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