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From the gender: Deiform seed
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From the gender: Deiform seed

1913, flourish case and Fuluoyide announce break with formally. Later a few years, flourish case sink " face involuntary " in dangerous situation, in the involuntary intense struggle with darkness, flourish case discovered collective is involuntary with prototype. But his key to oneself doing a business feels bemused quite however in where after all. His ask oneself: Should confuse sink involuntary in, be everlasting distance all the time later?

1918 - between 1919, flourish case begins to paint roundlet form picture on jotter in the morning everyday, he weighs this kind of design later for graceful a bitter edible plant collect. The process is here medium, flourish case realises the effort that he makes conciously, be weakened by a kind of more powerful force place, this kind of force makes he chooses a completely different way. In other words, he cannot choose a target, however the target is choosing him.

I am forced to let this kind of tide whirl me, do not know it will bring me to He Fang. However, begin to draw when me Luo Shi of graceful a bitter edible plant, I discover, all things, all road of my place follow, I take the each step that pass, return return a bit. Namely, return be attributed to center. I more and more realize clearly, graceful a bitter edible plant collect it is a center, it is all viatic trailblazer, it is the way that leads to center, individuation.

That is intense, the problem in bemused all the time his heart gets understanding answering slowly. Rong Geming is white, the place with all oriented and only way, center. Flourish division call this center " from the gender " . Graceful a bitter edible plant collect, the discovery from the gender, as all in all incident, become Rong Gesheng to reach the turning point of the career alive. This is he and the peak that confront each other unconsciously, it is he comes 6 years the acme that the darkness in an isolated force and his heart fights bravely. He feels gratified greatly for this.
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