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Fuluoyide and flourish case: Arrive from acquaintance break with
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Fuluoyide and flourish case: Arrive from acquaintance break with

Western somebody thinks: "20 centuries are the century of psychoanalysis. " although this kind of view is unavoidable too exaggerated, but of the effect that showed psychoanalysis theory to arise in western place from some kind of angle however big. Fuluoyide regards this as the found person of one theory, flourish case has thrust theoretically to use all in all psychologist in becoming modern psychology with the person that develop as this. And complain what happen between these two Ju Qing to the favour kind and enmity of break with by acquaintance also become a depth psychology history a when go up major event. What the place in our article should do is to review that paragraph of history afresh, go knowing the vicissitudes of life of a kind and enmity that produces in two worlds.


We not from the person lay a foundation of the depth psychology first Luoyide speaks of. Fuluoyide, be born in 1856. Entered school of world-famous Vienna university medical courses in general 1873, division is overcome from very influential at that time cloth Lv. Cooperate with Buluoyier after, discuss treat neurosis condition with free couplet idea. 1895, two people collaboration is written into " hysteria studies " one book. Emphasize the germ that sexual disorder is hysteria as a result of Fuluoyide later, and Buluoyier rejects to accept this kind of notion, the collaboration of two people and friendship end at this point. After this, fuluoyide undertakes cultivate virgin soil works alone. He published himself 1900 the first monumental work " of the dream analytic " , the publication of this book is indicating psychoanalysis is academic of the foundation build, what also revealed vicissitudes of life of a paragraph of kind and enmity is prelusive.

Right now year only flourish case of 25 years old, just graduated from school of medical courses in general, and the assistant that in Zurich a bughouse holds the post of Yi of famous alienist cloth the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces to strap. The flourish case at that time is beginning persistence and be in sturdily a lot of exploration tries hard in the problem of the concerned mental disease that makes him bemused, want to search give he can move toward successful approach precipitantly on the career. " of the dream analytic " just publish, get the adviser's commendation, flourish case read the first edition of this book. But to the flourish case at that time, still lack the preparation that admires this book. Because he still lacks personal experience, the great sense of the research that cannot comprehend this development that has to Fuluoyide adequately. Then, he put the book at the same time. In a few years subsequently, flourish case begins to be engaged in famous " phraseology associates " exam. This kind of exam is a ground reads the vocabulary that gets on a glossary to listen to the patient and requirement patient makes response to them. If the patient appears indecisive when making response, perhaps reveal some kind of mood when making response, show this word touched flourish case is called later probably " complex " some kind of thing. This great test that flourish case completes independently, won honor for him on one hand, the idea that accepts Fuluoyide for him on the other hand laid solid foundation. 1903, flourish case is read again and study " of the dream analytic " . Abrupt, the problem that he discovers to he himself explores and Fuluoyide the theory in composing happens to have the same view, the theory that he discovers Fuluoyide associates in phraseology for oneself the depression that observes in the experiment " mechanism " provided best explanation and specification. Perhaps say, fuluoyide's discovery accords with him himself fitly a series of experiment research that do. He is excited and unusual. He began to enjoy the work of another talent truly, he realizes, in the Vienna besides a thousand li, another outstanding character, the same question that paying close attention to each other undertakes exploration, and reaching is same conclusion almost. Can say, the experience that reads this book the 2nd times became the boundary of turn of career of flourish case lifetime.
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