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Psychoanalysis theory reachs basic idea
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[Graph article] psychoanalysis theory and basic idea

Academic basis:

Main idea

Human view

  basically, human view of Fuluoyide is deterministic argument, he thinks, human behavior is as element of reason of controlled Yu Fei, subconscious motive, natural as biology drive force (Drives) , and 6 years old of sexual psychology incident before. No less than overcomes Weir (Kovel, the viewpoint of 1976) : " in the past the sort of differentiate card at consciousness and subconscious between, and be regarded as deterministic Fuluoyide academic, seemed to disappear now. In fact, although the thought is controlled, but either it is clear to can explain according to simple linear way, psychoanalysis is talked think, the person's behavior is far in exceeding us to imagine complex " . In fact, psychoanalysis taught us one course, it is a person can pass through have an insight into, oneself from be dominated by the force of past experience next rescue come out. When subconscious level of the consciousness on the thing float in and be aware of, past blind habit is OK will replace by oneself choice. This is deterministic in form of disengagement of a kind of blazing.

  "Natural" (the concept of Instinct) is Fuluoyide's academic centre of gravity. Fuluoyide is used first at the beginning " former desire " (Libido) will explain the energy that concerns with the gender, try again later augment comes include all " life is natural " (the energy of Life  Instincts) . because have these instinct, make individual with phyletic be able to multiply, be able to grow and create. So, although contain,be about to have sexual energy formerly, but its meaning stops not only hereat, should explain the source of all motive. Fuluoyide all searching happy behavior all returns for life instinct, the life aim that points out most person depends on going after joy and evasive anguish.

Fuluoyide also puts forward   " death is natural " (the concept of Death  Instincts) , those who inspect for " assault driving force " (the germ of Aggressive  Drive) , point out, people is in occasionally subconscious in can have the desire that think dead or harms oneself or others, and by behavior expression comes out. According to his view, the driving force of gender and attack is the two big puissant factor that explain human action.
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