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Psychological socialization viewpoint of Ailikesen
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Psychological socialization viewpoint of Ailikesen

Psychological socialization viewpoint of Ailikesen

Li Kesen of   moxa (1936) the theory that develops out oneself according to Fuluoyide's idea, after emphasizing childhood developing " psychological socialization " (Psychosocial) , think sexual psychology and psychological socialization develop together, and be in every phase of life, people must face  to adjust what one balance makes between oneself and social environment. He described the development condition of whole life, the close-up crisis that be overcome in order to need serves as differentiate the watershed of each phase. According to his view, " the crisis " (the turning point that Crisis) is equivalent to life, it is more mature to had stridden the crisis, can degrade otherwise. Roughly, life is us the result of the choice that makes in each phase.

The field that Li Kesen of   moxa takes social factor into psychoanalysis and get praise highly. Classic psychoanalysis establish is based on " this my psychology " , think instinct and psychological conflict are the main factor that shapes character development. Contemporary psychoanalysis is thinking on apt with " ego is psychological " for basis, but the part that not negative psychology conflicts, just emphasize ego devoting oneself to pursuit all the time in the person's lifetime more more of maturation abstain ability. Ailikesen emphasizes ego, think ego has power, can handle each task of life with original means. Ego psychology treats the development stage of childhood period and in the future, assuming because of its is, current problem cannot ascribe to only childhood period of those subconscious conflict repeat appear. Teenage period, adulthood, and the period of in the future has special crisis to must emphasize. it is significant that the past of consistent individual did not come to his, development is successive, the growing case of each phase is influential, also namely each phase follow other level is relative.

  believes as a result of me individual development should include the factor of sexual psychology and psychological socialization, I am so amalgamative the character that introduces Fuluoyide and Ailikesen develops a notion, fasten because of Ailikesen's viewpoint again with Fuluoyide consistent, so this one conformity is feasible. But no matter how, ailikesen thinks Fuluoyide discusses ego to be in character developing position is not quite thorough, and not quite comprehensive also to the consideration of social element.
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