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Cast off the awkwardness that cans say nothing with the child
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Cast off the awkwardness that cans say nothing with the child

"When if you are in,communicating with the parent, can say nothing, very awkward, how should do? " " parents like to take I and the fellow student with a few good achievement to compare, how should answer? " recently, centrally civilization does, Ministry of Education and combination of Chinese psychology society hold " estrade of countrywide psychology expert " the mobile spot of the 6th station, students put forward him the bewilderment in be communicated with parents.

This problem is " society and child are communicated effectively " lecture, institute of psychology of You Huazhong Normal University is taught, give a lecture of Mount Hua of Liu of doctoral student adviser.

He thinks, "The problem that modern society encounters generally is the communication problem of the child and parent, especially high school student, some moment parents ask 10 children also do not answer, both sides feels to be able to say nothing; Additionally parents says to support with child conversation, or you say east he says on the west, communicate do not go up completely in a channel. Communicate do not go up completely in a channel..

One of reasons are teenager period is in " revolt the 2nd times, it is a center the 2nd times with ego " period. He says, the child is in teenager period can appear the 2nd times to revolt, do not wish to comply with everywhere parental directive, and the thing that believes him infer comes quite, holding to what oneself think is right, behave more crabbily normally.

The 2nd reason is the gap that times changes brought two acting people. A lot of parents do not know network, short message, popular song, star now, the profession that the child thinks to be engaged in also is parental place unfamiliar, accordingly, compare with past photograph, parents also is done not have between the child so authoritative.

In addition, the parent is exorbitant to filial expectation, always be distrust children, of two pairs daughter excessive take care of make filial ability very poor again, make them very difficult the angle that stands in others considers an issue; In the meantime, the parent excessive education to children, often bring about their revolt again.
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