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The advisory division that makes him child -- a letter that psychology seeks adv
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The advisory division that makes him child -- a letter that psychology seeks advice from division to send the parent

Dear lady or gentleman:

Hello! Know you to be honoured very much!

The child that perhaps you once accompanied you comes my clinic, those who had accepted me to offer seek advice or treat; Perhaps you are preparing me here comes, hope I can help you solve the problem of your child; Perhaps you had arrived other psychology clinic, have the experience that accept psychology to seek advice or treats; Perhaps you do not know me at all, also do not understand psychology to seek advice, it is to see the title of this article just happened to read the interest that go down. But at least we were known now, I thank your support and collaboration very much, and be willing very much provide a help for you!

Although psychology seeks advice from this one orgnaization to still do not gain ground socially, and the psychological problem that a lot of people return understanding to be less than oneself or family, but you can find me, perhaps want to find me, perhaps be interested in my job at least, explain you are the person that dares to face reality. And if you come for child problem only, it is thus clear that you are very opposite work, responsible to the child person. Unassailable, you love your child.

Ask you to believe the force of love! Without love, I also misfire.

But, in my job, my small consult guest -- the child that perhaps is you cannot be agreed with to this however. He (still have " her " , allow me to be used please " he " replace) show the dissatisfaction to you, distrust, be hostile to even, come repeatedly seek advice to also do not wish to cooperate here, because he feels,this is you force at him. For this I should spend proper time to obtain his credit normally. I do not deny you to love to his, but how does reality explain?

You may work very busy, pressure is very great, after coming off work, feel exhausted, do chore even; You may be current unemployed, often be bread always is very irritated; Your child is likely lesson is very heavy, classes are over very late, come home should write line of business, you save time to give him, do not disturb him as far as possible; You may stipulate to the child after school wants Lian Qin, on dancing class, learn a picture, let the chance that he did not take to chat with you almost. Anyhow, the time of you and child communication is very few.

Of course, you may feel he is a child, do not have the requirement that takes together to talk with adult. Or, you think to arrive from nursery school, elementary school middle school, the child gets normal education all the time, should not have a problem. What is more,the rather that, educational child you are not be expert at, still let professional orgnaization come! Social branch is very perfect now, you oneself also are among them a of a branch, let the child accept social education as a child, this perhaps can make he matures some earlier, get used to a society some earlier. Sure! Although have a problem, still can look for psychology to seek advice from an expert to solve.
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