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Dress up the child: Fasten conversed sexual distinction
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Dress up the child: Fasten conversed sexual distinction

Some parents like to let the girl put on boy dress, knowing is those who stem from pair of children is favorite, still do sth unconventional or unorthodox of purpose. Probably these parents still do not understand, this kind of opposite sex dresses up, to the child especially the cheeper of 3 years old of less than, health of body and mind is very ill.
Consider to discover, the important level of cerebrum development is cheeper is 3 years old ago. This one period, the physiology of cheeper and psychological growth are unusually rapid, ponder over ability, imagination ability, analysis ability and memory to already began to form, the construction of cerebrum and function are perfect with each passing day. This phase cheeper is right all round the thing produces great interest because of curiosity, show strong curious desire.

This period is mixed to the development of body and mind of cheeper in the future the form Chengdu of individual character will produce very profound effect. If cheeper lets wear in this one period,the opposite sex dresses up, can make cheeper mentation produces change, put subconsciously in the psychology that the opposite sex changes, this can bring about the sexual allergy with terrible in the future cheeper. This kind of person often is " homosexual " person, or " the addiction that love thing " person, be fond of is worn with opposite sex clothings, wait like underwear, bust bodice, decorations, likely even behave coyly, imitate opposite sex movement, get sexual satisfaction with this.

The psychogenic disorder of childhood period and spirit are traumatic, abnormal domestic education and undesirable social environment are affected, it is the main factor that causes sexual allergy and potential risk. Cheeper period is the crucial period that fosters sound moral quality, and the formation that mental health affected moral quality directly again. Accordingly, foster sound moral quality to must be made from cheeper, this cannot be ignored.