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Anxiety wants to be treated with what medicine
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Anxiety wants to be treated with what medicine

Crisis type has a lot of, such as fire, earthquake, SARS, unemployed, disease is waited a moment, unavoidable in the life meeting encounters our everybody greatly small various crises, so, when facing the crisis, what kind of psychology ought to have we done to prepare?
On October 26, distinguished psychological professor Dr. Zhu Di is in American Colombia university hall of report of learning of Beijing colleague hospital held the name is " the precaution that behoove of heart of sudden incident acute stimulates and interpose " report. Dr. Zhu Di is the world famous and clinical psychologist, she is written have 10 best seller, among them " healthy relationship love associate " one book Ceng Zaimei country is welcomed extensively on the market, and she still managed hot line of more than 20 years of broadcasting station in the United States, provide the proposal of psychological respect and help to the public. Accordingly, this her report also attracted numerous audience present listen respectfully.
The importance of psychological problem already was known stage by stage
In the report, dr. Zhu Di begins with example, pay attention to interactive, explain the psychological problem that a few people often encounter through spot audience to the reaction of a few problems, communication. The purpose of this second report depends on passing communication and delibrate, provide necessary psychological support and psychological help actively for people, decrease and dispel psychological panic and worry, the heart body that protects people effectively is healthy. Among them, the psychological problem that creates because of SARS epidemic situation became a main topic.
Because SARS virus infectivity is strong, and without significant remedial step, in the beginning of the disease erupts, ceng Yin removed the psychological angst with whole general society and uneasiness, appeared the panic of the different level of group sex. SARS serves as the powerful Ying Jiyuan of sociality, the psychological panic that causes on certain level is affected than disease itself bigger, this certainly will to the society the job of each respect causes tremendous negative effect. Although large-scale SARS epidemic situation is already controlled, but the job shoulder heavy responsibilities that precautionary disease rebounds.
Dr. Zhu Di thinks, resemble SARS at China, "9 · 11 " at the United States, these are event of big mark sex crisis. Crisis hour more the value that reflects psychology, the United States begins psychology after World War II, the purpose is to help a lot of veteran alleviate at that time psychology is traumatic, center of community mental health begins to build later, psychologist entered center of large medical treatment gradually.
And psychology just just starts in China, at present China builds system of comprehensive mental hygiene defense urgently, such ability break out incident to be able to react effectively quickly to the society. Dr. Zhu Di cited October " new York Times " in publishs concerned Premier Wen Jiabao the speech about mental health importance, prove the Chinese leader attention to psychological problem.
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