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The family teachs 10 Buddhist monastic discipline
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The family teachs 10 Buddhist monastic discipline

1. Do not want child of look down upon to have time people make can say to the child: "I how so stupid! "Or " are you chump? "Every time when the word of child of this kind of look down upon is blurted out, can injure the child's proper pride, self concept that weakens the child.

2. Do not threaten the child uses threatening means to come certainly child, also meet abate his self concept. If parents says: "You next time again such, be about you are good-looking! "Perhaps say " you play a little brother again, mom is about firm firm beats you. "Every time the child heard these words, their meeting terrified is sad, produce a kind of scared psychology to parents thereby.

3. Do not want bribery child to have some of parental promise child, if read achievement is good, give buy what thing, regard motivation as stimulation with this, this is not a tweak. The motivation that such bribery can cause the child to work by inside outside changing direction. He is not to study the good ego idea that builds study, reward for material however. Go against the child to establish good study purpose sex so.

4. Do not force the child promises " next time not dare " child made a mistake, mother energy of life is polar say: "Good, you should promise me now, you again also not dare such. "But not a little while, old trouble made again, mom feels he sufferred cheat, bate ground scolds: "You promise mother, how not good? "Mom should know, wanting child promise is no point. Promise and threatening is a pair of fellow sufferers, won't have positive effect to the child. If is touched on sensitive child, force his promise is met instead make he errs once more and feel sad. Although the child is not quite sensitive, also can make the child janus-faced.

5. Do not want overprotection to supervise child overprotection to supervise the self concept that the child meets contusion child, weaken the own ability that develops the child. When the action that because become father and mother,supervises the child overly, also be to telling the child actually: "You cannot attend oneself. "Most parent attends to the child oneself ability is very not self-confident. We should want " only him child can be done, monopolize anything but replace " to regard as maxim. Such ability foster him child attend stage by stage oneself ability.

6. Do not want beyond the mark to child wag one's tongue wag one's tongue, can make the child feels parents thinks he did not understand the ability of the thing, as time passes, the child can produce the feeling that hates discomfort. Actually, tell a thing systematically to the child, can enhance self-confident heart of the child and proper pride.

7. Child of not ambitious approach is subject to blindly instantly other if you are extortionary the thing that the child leaves off him to be being done, the word that hears you becomes other issue, his reaction is met very not willing. Parents should remind the child beforehand, wait a little while to want him what to do, e.g. : "Small army, pass ten minutes again almost, you should come in had a meal! "In the meantime, before they also can allow the child to command in obedience, have make the freedom that complain a bit, say for example: " , mom, must I come in now? "Requirement child instantly and be subject to blindly, give independence to cradling and ego modulator, this kind advocate the law is invalid.
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