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Be disgusted with learns to kip to be loved early
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The mood problem that be disgusted with learns to kip to love parent teacher early to want to pay close attention to the child

Before before long a child of 14 years old, because learn pressure too big and hang oneself dies. Still some children run away from home because of cheesed study; More children are conflict with parent happening, get angry, fall thing, big cry to be troubled by greatly etc, these are the parent and teachers often the mood problem of oversight. The disposition that mood problem of the child can affect the child grows, human relation, society gets used to ability to wait. So, the parent and teacher should notice the education of child health mood.

The child of different age has different mood problem. The outstanding performance of the child before school age is; Incommensurate nursery school, cry be troubled by time to grow, cannot mix the child is friendly get along, communal circumstance dare be not behaved, have a hot temper, do not be willing to leave the parent, particularly easy dissatisfactory wait. Be scolded to such child and punish a can aggravating problem, should undertake to the child special touch trains more, for example, infant skin touchs gymnastics, play earth, sand and water, big corner kick of basket ball, sheep, kangaroo jumps, marine ball pool, mix more even with age child play, the parent also should change educational method. The mood problem of pupil basically has exam insecurity, attend class to dare not make a speech, heart heavy angst, sleep-disorder, sensitive love cries, bite nail or ability to write, love hits person of incur of person, love, attention to be not centered, exam achievement is flabby wait surely. Can drill more to recreant and sensitive classmate swim, motion of mat tumbling, bounce, slide, skip the bed, provoking to loving to lay a person classmate should drill extruding touch trains more, wait like rainbow canister, big basket ball, big top. The teacher should encourage the child more, satirize does not want when faulty mistake satiric, because won't invite trouble of child give up caustically spicily, can harm the child's proper pride and self-confident heart instead, return meeting generation to go against return a mood.

Mood issue of the high school student is more outstanding, be disgusted with learns, kip, love early, make friend with undesirable child, get online see TV play game to become addiction, go against with the parent or teacher turn over, introversion is dissocial not it is sensitive and be gregarious, self-abased, difficult to cannot bear with the setback, not allow Yi Kuo, these mood problems can affect the child's study badly, expert of need parent, teacher, psychology cooperates to undertake psychology coach to the child together, from the school, family, him child 3 respects undertake adjustment. Mood problem of the child can appear when childhood occurrence rudiment of budding, adolescence, youth period begins to finalize the design, disposition of the mood when arriving 25 years old is stabilized basically, although be when adolescence, the child appears a few look very serious problem, teacher and parent also do not abandon the hope to the child, want to learn to help the child with scientific method.
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